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Group Leader: Priv.-Doz. Dr. Frederik R. Wurm

The “Functional Polymers“ group focusses on the development of novel synthesis strategies and polymeric materials to tackle different fundamental questions.

The development of novel (bio)degradable materials, primarily based on phosphorus-containing polymers or biopolymers, such as starch or lignin, is a major research focus of the group. We combine modern organic and inorganic chemistry with precision polymer synthesis and colloidal formulations (miniemulsions, reactions at the interface, etc.) in order to produce smart materials for drug delivery, agriculture, adhesive technologies, flame retardants, and optics.

Living polymerization methods allow maximum control on polymer architecture and properties. Thus, by adjusting monomer design, the blood interactions of polymeric nanocarriers (“stealth effect”) can be adjusted precisely. The fundamental development of living anionic polymerization is another key area in the group. The design of novel organometallic monomers for stimuli-responsive materials, surfactants, or the precise degradation profile of (phospho)esters are the basis for our materials portfolio.

Our synthesis expertise covers both organic and inorganic polymer chemistry:

  • Organic and inorganic state-of-the art synthesis
    • Phosphorus chemistry (phosphoesters and -amides, phosphonates, etc.).
    • Aziridines and epoxides
    • Ferrocene-containing monomers and related compounds
    • Flame-retardant additives
  • Development of ionic polymerizations
    • Sequence-controlled anionic polymerization
    • Surfactant design
    • copolymerization
  • Metathesis polymerization
    • Ring-opening metathesis/ acyclic diene metathesis
  • Organometallic polymers for stimuli responsive materials
  • Biodegradable polymers
  • Emulsion/ Dispersion Polymerization

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