Seminar schedule Molecular Spectroscopy Group

January to June 2019



15 January

Dr. André Scheffel, MPI of Molecular Plant Physiology

17 January

Dr. Katrin Amann-Winkel, Stockholm University

22 January

Prof. Foivos Perakis, Stockholm University

29 January

Prof. Eric Borguet, Temple University

5 February


12 February

Prof. Dominik Marx, Ruhr-Universität Bochum

19 February

Prof. Dominik Horinek, University of Regensburg

26 February

Dr. Claudia Backes, University of Heidelberg

7 March

Prof. Maxim Pchenitchnikov, University of Groningen

12 March


19 March

Max Lukas, MSG MPIP
Heng Zhang, MSG MPIP

26 March

Prof. Damien Laage, ENS

2 April

Prof. Karin Hauser, University of Konstanz

9 April

Dr. Peter Broekmann, University of Bern

16 April

Dr. Thomas Whale, University of Leeds

23 April

Shumei Sun, MSG MPIP
Xiaoyu Jia, MSG MPIP

30 April

Prof. Manfred Kappes, KIT

7 May

Dr. Janine Fröhlich, MPIC

14 May


21 May

Dr. Arash Rahimi-Iman, Philipps University Marburg

4 June

Jenée Cyran, MSG MPIPG
Shuai Fu, MSG MPIP

11 June


18 June


25 June

Alexander Tries, MSG MPIP

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