Seminar schedule Molecular Spectroscopy Group

August to December 2018



21 August

 Dr. Andrey Mereshchenko, Saint-Petersburg State University

7 September

 Prof. Xiaolin Lu, Southeast University

11 September

 Prof. Yuhei Hayamizu, Tokyo Institute of Technology

13 September

 Prof. John Fourkas, University of Maryland

18 September

 Dr. Charusheela Ramanan, Molecular Electronics, MPIP

25 September

 Kevin Machel, MSG MPIP

2 October

 Dr. Yijin Zhang, MPI for Solid State Research

9 October

 Dr. Alexander Paarmann, FHI

23 October


30 October

 Prof. Thomas Basché, JGU

16 November

 Prof. Juli Gibbs, University of Alberta

20 November

 Prof. Jure Demsar, JGU

29 November

 Prof. Euan Hendry, University of Exeter

4 December

 Prof. Thomas Lenzer, University of Siegen

11 December


18 December

 Jenée Cyran, MSG MPIP
 Amelie Ehrhard, MSG MPIP

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