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Dr. Kamal Asadi
Group Leader
Phone:+49 6131 379-126

Publications and Patents

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Kamal Asadi is now a member of the editorial board of Scientific Reports, an open access journal launched by publisher of Nature series.

Our Collaborative work with Delft University of Technology on "thin-film thermistors" based on phase-separated blends of ferroelectric and semicoducting polymers is now published in Applied Physics Letters.

Manasvi Kumar has just joined our team as a new PhD strudnet. 

Welcome Manasvi!

Our review on ferroelectric metal organic framework in now online. The manuscript, published in the European Journall of Inorganic Chemistry, discusses recent development in the field of MOFs. 

Our collaborative work with Technical University of Delft and Holst Center on stability of intermediate polarization states in ferroelectrics memories for multi-bit data storage is now published in Applied Physics Letters.

Saleem Anwar has just joined our team as a new PhD strudnet. 

Welcome Saleem!

The manuscript on nano-structured ferroelectric memory diodes is now accepted in Advanced Functional Materials.

Our manuscript on AC-electroluminescent of MOF-5 diodes is now accepted in Journal of Physical Chemistry C We show that the electroluminescence is due to solvent induced galvanoluminescence of the Al electrode.

Anielen Halda Ribeiro joined our group. She is working on her MSc. research project.

Welcome Anielen!

The manuscript on charge transport in semiconduction polymers is now published as rapid communication in Physical Review B. The study was a joint collaboration with University of Groningen.

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