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Dr. Kaloian Koynov

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Dr. Kaloian Koynov


Kaloian Koynov was born May 29th 1970 in Ruse, Bulgaria. From 1988 to 1993 he studied physics at the Sofia University. In 1997 he received his PhD in Physics from the Sofia University for a work on “Cascaded nonlinear optical processes and their applications for all-optical switching” in the group of Solomon Saltiel. Then he spent a postdoctoral year in the Institute for Fundamental Electronics, University Paris Sud, France, studying grating couplers into semiconductor waveguides. In 2000 he joined the group of Wolfgang Knoll at the MPI for Polymer Research as a postdoc and EU Marie Curie Fellow. Here he worked with Christoph Bubeck on the nonlinear optical properties of thin films of conjugated polymers. Since 2006 he is working as a Group Leader in the group of Hans-Jürgen Butt at the MPI for Polymer Research.

The research of Kaloian Koynov is focused on the development and application of Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) based methods for addressing specific questions in polymer, colloid and interface science. He is operating an advanced FCS Lab in which commercial and home-build setups are combined in order to achieve unique features. These include the possibility to study flows near solid surfaces with total internal reflection fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy (TIR-FCCS) or the possibility for studies in blood with near infrared FCS. In addition, K. Koynov is responsible for the service laboratory “Mechanical and Dielectric Spectroscopy” at the MPIP.

Research Topics




Physics of Interfaces
Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
Ackermannweg 10
D-55128 Mainz
Tel. +49(0)6131/379-112
email: koynov@mpip-mainz.mpg.de

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