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Cerretti, G.; Schrade, M.; Song, X., et al.
Thermal stability and enhanced thermoelectric properties of the tetragonal tungsten bronzes Nb8−xW9+xO47 (0 < x < 5)
Jiang, S.; Lieberwirth, I.; Landfester, K., et al.
Nanofibrous photocatalysts from electrospun nanocapsules.
Kaltbeitzel, A.; Friedemann, K.; Turshatov, A., et al.
STED Analysis of Droplet Deformation during Emulsion Electrospinning.
Kokkinopoulou, M.; Simon, J.; Landfester, K., et al.
Visualization of the protein corona: towards a biomolecular understanding of nanoparticlecell- interactions.
Otrin, L.; Marusic, N.; Bednarz, C., et al.
Toward Artificial Mitochondrion: Mimicking Oxidative Phosphorylation in Polymer and Hybrid Membranes.
Richter, N.; Hernandez, Y. R.; Schweitzer, S., et al.
Robust Two-Dimensional Electronic Properties in Three-Dimensional Microstructures of Rotationally Stacked Turbostratic Graphene.
Schlegel, I.; Munoz-Espi, R.; Renz, P., et al.
Crystallinity Tunes Permeability of Polymer Nanocapsules.
Zenteno, A.; Lieberwirth, I.; Catalina, F., et al.
Study of the effect of the incorporation of TiO2 nanotubes on the mechanical and photodegradation properties of polyethylenes.
Abbaszadeh, D.; Kunz, A.; Wetzelaer, G. A. H., et al.
Elimination of charge carrier trapping in diluted semiconductors.
Backert, G.; Oschmann, B.; Tahir, M. N., et al.
Facile hybridization of Ni@Fe2O3 superparticles with functionalized reduced graphene oxide and its application as anode material in lithium-ion batteries.
Bauer, K. N.; Tee, H. T.; Lieberwirth, I., et al.
In-Chain Poly(phosphonate)s via Acyclic Diene Metathesis Polycondensation.
Bijlard, A. C.; Hansen, A.; Lieberwirth, I., et al.
A Nanocapsule-Based Approach Toward Physical Thermolatent Catalysis.
Cankaya, A.; Steinmann, M.; Bulbul, Y., et al.
Side-chain poly(phosphoramidate)s via acyclic diene metathesis polycondensation.
Georgieva, G. S.; Anachkov, S. E.; Lieberwirth, I., et al.
Synergistic Growth of Giant Wormlike Micelles in Ternary Mixed Surfactant Solutions: Effect of Octanoic Acid.
Li, M. M.; Marszalek, T.; Zheng, Y. R., et al.
Modulation of Domain Size in Polycrystalline n-Type Dicyanoperylene Mono- and Bilayer Transistors.
Messerschmidt, C.; Hofmann, D.; Kroeger, A., et al.
On the pathway of cellular uptake: new insight into the interaction between the cell membrane and very small nanoparticles.
Renz, P.; Kokkinopoulou, M.; Landfester, K., et al.
Imaging of Polymeric Nanoparticles: Hard Challenge for Soft Objects.
Tahir, M. N.; Oschmann, B.; Buchholz, D., et al.
Extraordinary Performance of Carbon-Coated Anatase TiO2 as Sodium-Ion Anode.
Vanparijs, N.; Nuhn, L.; Paluck, S. J., et al.
Core/shell protein-reactive nanogels via a combination of RAFT polymerization and vinyl sulfone postmodification.
Zheng, Y. R.; Tee, H. T.; Wei, Y., et al.
Morphology and Thermal Properties of Precision Polymers: The Crystallization of Butyl Branched Polyethylene and Polyphosphoesters.
Tironi, C. N.; Graf, R.; Lieberwirth, I.; Klapper, M.; Muellen, K.
Synthesis and Selective Loading of Polyhydroxyethyl Methacrylate-/-Polysulfone Amphiphilic Polymer Conetworks
Singhal, A.; Lieberwirth, I.
Non-aqueous synthesis of blue light emitting gamma-Ga2O3 and c-In2O3 nanostructures from their ethylene glycolate precursors
Kaps, L.; Nuhn, L.; Aslam, M.; Brose, A.; Foerster, F.; Rosigkeit, S.; Renz, P.; Heck, R.; Kim, Y. O.; Lieberwirth, I.; Schuppan, D.; Zentel, R.
In Vivo Gene-Silencing in Fibrotic Liver by siRNA-Loaded Cationic Nanohydrogel Particles
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