Mainz Materials Simulation Days 2011

The Mainz Materials Simulation Days 2011 attracted 90+ registered participants, scientists from a wide range of fields such as theoretical or computational physics and chemistry, biophysics, engineering, mathematics etc. As in the previous years we selected two major topics from the vast field of materials simulations, namely "Structure formation in biological systems" and "Driven soft matter systems". Here, we were able to bring together renowned scientists from the respective fields, enabling lively exchange both between the different research areas and between senior scientists and junior researchers. Regarding the latter aspect, the "social" evening poster session was particularly successful. We hope that all our participants had a good time and we already look forward to the next workshop in 2013 (tentative date: June 5-7, 2013).

The Mainz Materials Simulation Days are a series of discussion meetings focusing on method developments in computational materials science. The workshops are jointly organized by the groups of Prof. Kurt Kremer at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research and Prof. Friederike Schmid at the Physics Institute of the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. They will typically be of a 2 days duration starting at noon on Wednesday and finishing at noon on Friday.

We are planning this workshop for a total attendance not exceeding 80 people, to enable an atmosphere of lively discussions.

The fourth workshop will focus on various aspects of

  • Assembly and structure formation in biological systems, e.g. protein self-assembly; (multiscale) modelimg of biological materials

  • Driven Soft Matter Systems

On Friday afternoon after the MMSD there will be a 1/2-day Minisymposium on Many-electron approaches for Material Science. MMSD participants are welcome to stay for this event.

The MMSD 2011 is organized by:

Kurt Kremer, and Christine Peter  (MPIP)

Friedrike Schmid and Peter Virnau (University of Mainz)

Sponsors: CECAM, SFB 625

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