August 2019

Fei Chen defended his PhD thesis entitled “Light-controlled bacteria-surface and bacteria-bacteria adhesions”. Congratulations Dr. Chen!

Juan José Quispe joined the group as new PhD students. Welcome!

July 2019

Taniya and Solveig published their paper on “Light controlled cell-to-cell adhesion and chemical communication in minimal synthetic cells” in Chemical Communications. Congratulations!

June 2019

Ilke and Lisa published their paper on “Independent Blue and Red Light Triggered Narcissistic Self‐Sorting Self‐Assembly of Colloidal Particles” in Small. Congratulations!

April 2019

Seraphine was invited to the EMBL Workshop on Optogenetics: From Design to Cell Signalling to Tissue Morphogenesis as a speaker. What a wonderful event and a great community.

March 2019

- Dongdong published his paper on “Green light lithography: a general strategy to create active protein and cell micropatterns” in Materials Horizon. Congratulations!

- Dr. Seraphine Wegner has accepted a position as a W3 professor at the Institute for Physiological Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry at the University of Münster. She is expected to start in November 2019.

February 2019

- Solveig Bartelt defended her PhD thesis entitled “Light-controlled adhesion and dynamic processes in lipid vesicles”. Congratulations Dr. Bartelt!
- Solveig, Lisa and Julia published their paper on “Mimicking Adhesion in Minimal Synthetic Cells” in Advanced Biosystems. Congratulations!

January 2019

- Julia Ricken defended her PhD thesis entitled “Photo-Switchable Proteins for Cell-Matrix Adhesion”. Congratulations Dr. Ricken!
- Julia published her paper on “ Photo‐ECM: A Blue Light Photoswitchable Synthetic Extracellular Matrix Protein for Reversible Control over Cell–Matrix Adhesion” in Advanced Biosystems. Congratulations!
- Simge and Samaneh published their paper on “Blue Light Switchable Cell–Cell Interactions Provide Reversible and Spatiotemporal Control Towards Bottom-Up Tissue Engineering” in Advanced Biosystems. Congratulations!
- Dr. Sukant Garg joined the group as new postdoc. Welcome!

December 2018

Brice Nzigou joined the group as new PhD students. Welcome!

November 2018

- Fei published his paper on “Bacterial Photolithography: Patterning biofilms with high spatiotemporal control using photocleavable adhesion molecules” in Advanced Biosystems. Congratulations!

October 2018

- Solveig published her paper on “Light guided motility of a minimal synthetic cell” in Nano Letters. Congratulations! We thank our collaborators Jan Steinkühler and Rumiana Dimova from the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces.
- Elizaveta Chervyachkova defended her PhD thesis entitled “Light-controlled self-assembly and self-sorting of cell-like compartments”. Congratulations Dr. Chervyachkova!

June 2018

Lisa published her paper on “Reversible Social Self-Sorting of Colloidal Cell-Mimics with Blue Light Switchable Proteins” in ACS Synthetic Biology. Congratulations!

May 2018

Simge published her paper on “Independent Control over Multiple Cell Types in Space and Time Using Orthogonal Blue and Red Light Switchable Cell Interactions” in Advanced Science. Congratulations!

March 2018

Taniya Chakraborty joined the group as new PhD students. Welcome!

February 2018

Simge Yüz defended her PhD thesis entitled “Re-programming cell interactions with light dependent heterodimers”. Congratulations Dr. Yüz!

January 2018

Solveig and Lisa published their paper on “Dynamic blue light-switchable protein patterns on giant unilamellar vesicles” in Chemical Communications. Congratulations!

November 2017

Seraphine Wegner joined the Faculty Member of the Max Planck Graduate Center (MPGC)

September 2017

- Seraphine Wegner received an ERC Starting Grant for her project ARTIST -Artificial cell-cell interactions for light switchable cell organization and signaling.
- Canelif Yilmaz joined the group for an intership. Welcome!

August 2017

- Fei published his paper on “Blue Light Switchable Bacterial Adhesion as a Key Step toward the Design of Biofilms” in ACS Synthetic Biology. Congratulations Fei!

May 2017

- Dr. Fei Sun from the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at HKUST (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) visited the group with 2 PhD students as part of the DAAD Germany/Hong Kong joint Research Scheme.
- Solveig, Lisa, Ilke and Julia attended the MaxSynBio Workshop on Protein Technology. Solveig and Lisa led the experiment on optogenetics. Thank you for your support!

April 2017

- Seraphine Wegner presented at the BrisSynBio & MaxSynBio Joint Workshop.

March 2017

- Samaneh Rasoulinejad and Oya Ilke Sentürk joined the group as new PhD students. Welcome!

November 2016

- Marc Müller joined the group as a new PhD student. Welcome!

October 2016

- Dongdong Xu joined the group as a new PhD student. Welcome!
- Dongdong was awarded PhD fellowship by the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC). Congratulations!
- Seraphine Wegner gave an invited talk at the CellMatrix Conference in Berlin/Germany.

September 2016

- Seraphine Wegner was selected as a finalist for the European Young Chemist Award at the 6th EuCheMS Chemistry Conference in Seville/Spain.

- Seraphine Wegner, Julia Ricken, Solveig Bartelt, Elizaveta Chervyachkova and Simge Yüz from the group presented posters the Chemical Biology 2016 EMBL conference in Heidelberg/Germany.

June 2016

- Julia, Solveig and Simge attended the Non-Neuronal Optogenetics: From Design to Application in Cell Signaling and Tissue Morphogenesis Workshop at the EMBL.

- Solveig participated in the MaxSynBio Microfluidic Workshop in Göttingen.

- Cem Nass Duce from the Sabanci University/Turkey joined the group for a summer internship.

May 2016

- Seraphine Wegner became a fellow of the Elisabeth-Schiemann-Kolleg.

April 2016

- Seraphine Wegner received the fellowship "Young Leaders in Science" from the Ernst Schering Foundation.

March 2016

- Fei Chen joined the group as a new PhD student. Welcome!

- Fei was awarded PhD fellowship by the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC). Congratulations!

February 2016

- Seraphine Wegner was awarded the Fellowship of the Daimler und Benz Stiftung to finance her project on light controlled protein micropatterning.

January 2016

- The Wegner Lab started in January 2016! Read more

- Solveig Bartlet joined the group as a new PhD student. Welcome!

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