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Prof. Dr. Klaus Müllen

Prof. Dr. Klaus Müllen

Professional Career and Professional Duties

                           CV of Klaus Müllen


1. Personal information

Name                                         Klaus Müllen

Business address                          Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research

                                                Ackermannweg 10

                                                55128 Mainz, Germany

                                                Tel: +00 49 61 31 37 91 51



2. Professional Career

1966–1969     Studies in Chemistry, University of Cologne

1971             PhD, University of Basel (Professor F. Gerson)

1972–1978     Postdoctoral training and Habilitation (Professor J.F.M. Oth),
                    ETH Zürich

1979–1984     Professor University of Cologne

1984–1989     Professor University of Mainz

1988             Offer from the University of Göttingen, declined

1989             Director at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research

1992             Offer from the University of Cologne, declined


3. Professional Duties

Since 1995     Member of the Editorial Boards of Macromolecular Chemistry and
                    Physics;Journal of Materials Chemistry; Journal of Macromolecular
                    Science; Pure and Applied Chemistry; Chemistry of Materials;
                    Chemistry Letters; Chemistry World; Accounts of Chemical
                    Research; Macromolecules; Macromolecules – An Indian Journal;
                    BioChemistry – An Indian Journal; Chemistry – An Asian Journal;
                    BioNanoMaterials; Journal of the American Chemical Society

1995-2011     Editor of Synthetic Metals

Since1998      Editor-in-chief of Polymer Bulletin

1998             Member of the Evaluation Committee of Chemistry Departments in
                    North Rhine Westphalia

1999             Member of the Selection Committee of the Alexander-von-

Since 2000     Member of the Advisory Board of the Center of Nanoscience,
                    University of Munich

2001             Member of the Evaluation Committee for Chemistry in the
                    Chairman of the Advisory Board of Eidgenössisches
                    Materialprüfungsamt (EMPA)

Since 2007     Associate Editor of the Journal of the American Chemical Society

2008-2009     President of the German Chemical Society

Since 2011     Member of the Senate of the Max Planck Society
                    Member of the Selection Committee of Mercator Foundation

Since 2015     Member of the Administrative Board of the Max Planck Institute
                    for Coal Research

2013-2014     President of the German Association for the Advancement of
                   Science and Medicine

2015             Chairman of the Assessment Committee for Technical Universities
                    of the Netherlands


4. Awards

1990             Visiting Professor, University of Osaka (JSPS)

1993             Max-Planck-Research-Prize; Honorary Professor, East China
                    University of Technology, Shanghai

1995             Richard-Willstätter-Lecturer, Israel

1996             Capita-Selecta-Lecturer, Catholic University of Leuven

1997             Philip-Morris-Research-Prize

1997             Melville-Lecturer, University of Cambridge

1998             Visiting Professor, University of Rennes

1999             Member of the German Academy Leopoldina

2000             Bruno-Werdelmann-Lecturer, University of Duisburg-Essen

2001             Honorary Doctorate, University of Sofia; Bayer Distinguished
                    Lecturer, Washington University, St. Louis; Smets-Lecturer,
                    Belgium; Nozoe-Award, San Diego

2002             Lane Lecturer, Champaign, University of Urbana; Kyoto University
                    Foundation Award

2003             Science Award of the Stifterverband

2005             Lectureship Award of the Chemical Society, Japan

2006             International Award of the Belgian Polymer Group;
                    Honorary Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences;
                    Honorary Professor, Institute of Applied Chemistry, Changchun;
                    Butler Lecturer, University of Florida, Gainesville; Barré Lecturer,
                    University of Montreal; Bender Lecturer, Northwestern University,
                    Evanston; ICI Distinguished Lecturer, University of Calgary

2007             Otto-Bayer-Lecturer, University of Cologne

2008             Hermanos Elhuyar – Hans Goldschmidt Award of the Spanish
                    Chemical Society; Visiting Professor, University of Bordeaux;
                    Honorary Professor, Institute of Chemistry, Beijing, Chinese
                    Academy of Sciences; Bayer Lecturer, University of Pittsburgh;
                    S. Kwolek Lecturer, Carnegie Mellon University; Innovation Award
                    of the State of North Rhine Westphalia; Nicolaus August Otto

2009             Visiting Scientist, University of Marseille; Society of Polymer
                    Science Japan, International Award; Honorary Professor, Jiao 
                    Tong University, Shanghai, China; Honorary Professor University
                    of Heidelberg; Honorary Member of the Israel Chemical Society

2010             Honorary Doctorate, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

2011             ACS Award in Polymer Chemistry; Tsungming Tu Award of the
                    National Science Council, Taiwan

2012             Distinguished Visiting Professor, National University Singapore;

                   Member of the North Rhine Westphalian Academy for Arts and

2012             BASF-Award for Organic Electronics; Einstein Professor, Chinese
                   Academy of Science; Gordon Stone Lecturer, University of Bristol;
                   Honorary Doctorate, Jiao Tong University, Shanghai

2013             Franco-German Award of the Sociéte Chimique de France; Adolf-
                   von-Baeyer-Medal, German Chemical Society; Utz-Hellmuth-Felcht
                   Award of the SGL Group; ChinaNANO Award; Member of the
                   American Academy of Arts and Sciences

2014             Carl Friedrich Gauß-Medal, Braunschweigische Wissenschaftliche
                   Gesellschaft; ACS Nano Lectureship Award

2015             J. T. Donald Lecturer, McGill University, Montreal; the Thomas
                   Graham Lecturer, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow; Honorary
                   doctorate, University of Ulm; van’t Hoff Award, Royal Netherlands 
                   Academy of Sciences; Member of the European Academy of 
                   Sciences (EURASC); Corresponding Member of the
                   Braunschweigische Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft

Since 2015    Member of the Spinoza Selection Committee of the Netherlands

2016             Honorary Professor, Beijing University of Chemical Technology;
                    Fellow of the Gutenberg Research College; Herbert C. Brown
                    Lecturer, Purdue University; Hermann-Staudinger-Award; German 
                    Chemical Society


5. Research targets

Graphenes and carbon materials; new polymer-forming reactions including
methods of organometallic chemistry; multi-dimensional polymers with complex
shape-persistent architectures; dyes and pigments; molecular materials with
liquid crystalline properties for electronic and (opto)electronic devices;
biosynthetic hybrids; nanocomposites.


6. Publications

over  1700     publications in peer reviewed journals

over  78 000   citations

over 100 patents

H-index 125


7. Conference Presentations

Since 2012       370   plenary and keynote lectures


Mainz, 25.01.2016

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