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Dr. Markus Klapper

Project leader

Dr. Markus Klapper


Markus Klapper studied chemistry at the University of Mainz and received his PhD in 1990 (Prof. R. C. Schulz) for work on the synthesis and topochemical polymerization of aminodiacetylenes. Soon after, he joined the MPI for Polymer Research and became project leader in the Dept.of synthetic Chemistry. His research interests include new polycondensation and polymerization methods, as well as polymer analogous reactions towards the synthesis of functional polymers and block copolymers. These materials are especially designed for fuel cell applications or for the hydropho­bisation of inorganic nanoparticles. Additionally, he has focused in the recent years on the polymerisation of olefins in heterogeneous phase for which he has developed new organic supports and studied their polymerisation behavior. Another central topic is the development of non-aqueous emulsions suitable for the polymerisation of water-sensitive monomers.


Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
Ackermannweg 10
D-55128 Mainz, Germany
Phone (+49) 6131-379-400
Fax     (+49) 6131-379-480

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