Equal Employment Opportunity

Equal Opportunities

The Max Planck Society supports the employment of equal numbers of both sexes, the provision of equal opportunities and the compatibility of family and career. Every employee, particularly those with supervisory and management functions, bears responsibility for this. This aim shall be achieved through the application of the Policy for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men at the Max Planck Society .

Equal Opportunities Commissioner

Elected Equal Opportunities Commissioners' tasks, according to the official policy of the Max Planck Society, are to help implement and oversee the equal treatment of women and men, and prevent and eliminate gender discrimination at the Institute. They are involved in all measures concerning the employees, organization, and social life at the Institute, compatibility of family and career, and protection against sexual harassment in the workplace.

Code of Conduct

The rules of behavior regarding protection against sexualized discrimination, harassment and violence are determined in the Code of Conduct.

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