Local Library Service

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Local Library Service

The library of the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research is an institute´s library. Its primary purpose is to support the scientific work of the institute by providing literature and information.

On our library homepage we offer detailed information on the main subjects "Searching for information", "Publishing a paper", and "Managing data". Additionally up to date news concerning central license agreements, open access agreements with important publishers and other relevant news will be posted on our homepage under the heading “NEWS” and will also be announced by e-mail.

On a regular basis we offer library presentations as well as introductions to open access publishing. The scheduled dates will be published on our homepage and announced by e-mail.

In addition the following pages will help you to learn more about our library service and internal workflows like borrowing books, publishing on the Max Planck Publication Repository or handing in your thesis. Please do not hesitate to ask us in case of any questions.

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