Dr. Katrin F. Domke
Dr. Katrin F. Domke
Phone:+49 6131 379-476

PhD student(s) in Physical Chemistry / Spectroscopy
Doktorandenstellen in Physikalischer Chemie / Spektroskopie

Job offer from January 17, 2018

The Electrochemical Surface Science group at MPIP seeks PhD students to further the development and application of novel electrochemical tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (EC-TERS). Candidates (m/f)  with a Master/Diploma degree in physics, physical chemistry or related subjects with experience/interest in laser optics, spectroscopy (Raman, IR), scanning probe microscopy (AFM/STM) and/or surface  science who enjoy instrument development are strongly encouraged to apply. The aim of the project is to enhance sensitivity and resolution of the currently developed ECTERS setup and apply it to study the redox electron-transfer behaviour of individual metallo-protein molecules with nanometer spatial resolution. If you are interested in joining our young international team to perform cutting-edge research in a stimulating work environment, please send a letter of motivation (max 1 page), diplomas/transcript grades and CV (incl. publication list, if possible names of references) to Dr. Katrin Domke .

Application deadline: 31 January 2018; the estimated project duration is 36 months.

More information about our work can be found on or in Domke and co-workers Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 56 (2017) 9796-9801 VIP.

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