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Prof. Dr. Mischa Bonn
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PhD position: Charge Carrier Dynamics in Conductive Metal Organic Frameworks

Job Offer from September 25, 2019

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are coordination polymers consisting of metal ions connected by organic ligands. Besides the traditional applications in gas storage and separation as well as catalysis, the long-range crystalline order in MOFs and the tunable coupling between their organic and inorganic constituents have recently led to the design and synthesis of conducting MOFs, opening the path for their application in opto-electronics. Yet, despite being a critical aspect for the development of MOF based electronics, the true nature of charge transport in MOFs is far from being understood.

The main goal of the project (3 - 4 year duration) is to gain a fundamental understanding of charge motion in MOFs by establishing neat structure-transport and composition-transport relationships. The main tool that will be employed by the PhD student will be Terahertz time domain spectroscopy, a tool that allows the determination of a sample’s photoconductivity in a contactless fashion and on ultrafast timescales. Complementary spectroscopies, such as transient absorption and time-resolved photoluminescence could also be employed. State-of-the-art samples will be provided via collaborations with intra- and extra-institute partners. Most of the systems to be analyzed in the PhD work do have direct applications in optoelectronics (e.g. solar cells and OLEDs).

The ideal candidate will have a BSc and MSc in Physics or equivalent with proven excellent grades. She/He should have a strong commitment towards critical and independent thinking and be driven towards achieving specific goals. Experience in optics and ultrafast spectroscopy will be evaluated positively. Prior knowledge on device engineering (e.g. processing of organic materials, solar cells and OLEDs) will be a plus.

Please send your application including a motivation letter (1 page), CV (including a list of up to 3 potential references) and transcript of your BSc and MSc degree via email to . Please label the subject of your email as PhD_MOF_”Surname_Name”. Applications will be considered until the position is filled.

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