Dr. Maksim Grechko
Dr. Maksim Grechko
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Postdoc position: molecular 2D terahertz spectroscopy

Job Offer from February 05, 2019

Low-frequency vibrations in (bio-)molecular systems are often directly relevant for (bio-)molecular action. For proteins, conformational fluctuations, i.e., the thermal excitation of low-frequency modes, play a key role in sampling the potential energy landscape and reaching active states. In liquid water, the low-frequency modes originate from hydrogen-bonding interactions between water molecules. The thermal excitation of these modes gives rise to several of the anomalous properties of water, including the density maximum at 4oC. The frequency of these modes lies in the terahertz (THz) frequency range. At room temperature, the thermal energy amounts to 6 THz, so that thermal excitation of these modes is substantial.

Terahertz spectroscopy can give direct access to these important modes, but linear THz spectra of disordered condensed phases are typically broad and featureless, and, moreover, do not allow identifying which modes are responsible for specific properties or functions.

The main goal of this project is to develop novel two-dimensional THz molecular spectroscopy, to make THz spectroscopy more specific and more selective, to elucidate the role of low-frequency modes in biomolecular systems. These experiments are now possible by recent developments in the generation of THz pulses, enabling higher peak powers and substantial excitation of low-frequency modes, with very high time resolution.

To carry out the project, we seek to hire a postdoc with extensive hands-on experience in ultrafast nonlinear optical spectroscopy (transient absorption, 2D vibrational/electronic, etc.). Please submit your application including a cover letter, CV and contacts of at least 3 references to .

Applications will be considered until the position is filled.

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