Dr. Rüdiger Berger
Dr. Rüdiger Berger
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Master Thesis Project: Adaptation of Textile Surfaces to Liquids

Job Offer from May 10, 2019

Liquid repellent textiles are an essential part of our life. Not only as water-repellent cloths, but also as filters in various applications. In order to realize such surfaces the surface roughness of chemistry plays a major role. The latter is often achieved with chemicals that contain fluorine. However, fluorine-containing chemicals need to be eliminated from fabrics due to ecological reasons. In cooperation with Daikin Industries, we will investigate the behavior of water drops on model fabric surfaces. In particular, the aim of the Master thesis is to find out how sessile drops influence the surface chemistry and how the surface chemistry adapts to the presence of a liquid. 

Within the project, the Master student will prepare model surfaces with known chemistry and roughness. On these surfaces static and dynamic contact angle measurements will be performed. The surface chemistry after different retention times will be analyzed in detail. The applicant will work at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research and the project will be performed in close cooperation with Daikin Industries. 


We are looking for a highly motivated student with a background in, polymer science, applied physics, material science or related fields, to carry out the following tasks:

  • to prepare model surfaces with polymers containing different amounts of fluorine.
  • to characterize the surfaces and interpret the results 
  • to perform dynamic contact angle measurements and interpret the results 

Candidates should send their application electronically containing an application letter, CV, diploma/degree/mark sheet (official transcript), and reference letters to Dr. Rüdiger Berger, email: Applications will be considered until the position is filled. 

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