Journal Article (66)

  1. 61.
    Journal Article
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  2. 62.
    Journal Article
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  3. 63.
    Journal Article
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  4. 64.
    Journal Article
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  5. 65.
    Journal Article
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  6. 66.
    Journal Article
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Book Chapter (1)

  1. 67.
    Book Chapter
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Meeting Abstract (1)

  1. 68.
    Meeting Abstract
    Khatib, R.; Perez-Haro, M. J.; Backus, E. H. G.; Gaigeot, M. P.; Sulpizi, M.: Microscopic characterization of the fluorite/water interface from theory and experiments. In Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society, 248, 90-COMP . 248th National Meeting of the American-Chemical-Society (ACS) , San Francisco, CA , August 10, 2014 - August 14, 2014. (2014)

Book Review (1)

  1. 69.
    Book Review
    Sun, S.; Tang, F.; Imoto, S.; Moberg, D. R.; Ohto, T.; Paesani, F.; Bonn, M.; Backus, E. H. G.; Nagata, Y.: Sun et al. Reply. Physical Review Letters 123 (9), p. 099602 (2019)
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