Prof. Dr. Mischa  Bonn
Prof. Dr. Mischa Bonn
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PhD position / Doktorandenstelle: Mechanism and efficiency of conductivity in high-mobile organics using Terahertz spectroscopy

Job Offer from August 09, 2019

To correlate molecular structural arrangement to charge carrier mobilities, Time-resolved Terahertz (THz) spectroscopy will be employed to establish the mechanism and efficiency of electron and hole transport in the bulk material. THz spectroscopy allows to identify the primary product of photo-excitation in the material (excitons vs polarons) and to determine their relative lifetimes. Measurements will be performed on differently processed pure materials and on devices, to correlate ‘best’ and ‘actual’ performance, and identify bottlenecks for device improvement.

The ideal candidate will have MSc in Physics or physical chemistry or equivalent with proven excellent grades. She/He should have a strong commitment to critical and independent thinking and be driven towards achieving specific goals. Experience in optics and ultrafast spectroscopy will be evaluated positively. Prior knowledge on semiconductors will be a plus.

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