Prof. Dr. Ellen Backus
Prof. Dr. Ellen Backus
Phone:+49 6131 379-536

PhD position / Doktorandenstelle: Molecular & electronic structure & conductivity specifically at interfaces studied using non-linear optical tools

Job Offer from August 09, 2019

This project aims to elucidate, the interfacial electronic properties and the mobility of charges in the molecularly thin region near the metal or dielectric-semiconductor interface. To selectively study interfacial processes, we will use surface-specific nonlinear optical methods like second harmonic and sum-frequency generation. Experiments will be performed on model systems on different supports, and in devices, where correlations between interfacial molecular organization – affected by, e.g. deposition and annealing methods – and device performance will be investigated.

The ideal candidate will have MSc in Physics or physical chemistry or equivalent with proven excellent grades. She/He should have a strong commitment to critical and independent thinking and be driven towards achieving specific goals. Experience in optics and ultrafast spectroscopy will be evaluated positively. Prior knowledge on semiconductors will be a plus.

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