Dr. Wojciech Pisula
Dr. Wojciech Pisula

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Research Project

Material Science

1) Structural investigation:
Temperature-dependent investigation of supramolecular structures of Π-conjugated self-assembly systems in bulk by fiber 2D- and in thin film by grazing incidence wide/small-angle X-ray scattering. Analysis of experimental data is verified by Cerius2simulations.

2) Organic field-effect transistors:
Fabrication of OFETs based on Π-conjugated polymers and small molecules and device optimization by interface modification. Understanding of the relation between molecular architecture, long-range order and macroscopic electronic properties. Development of transistors in mesoscopic dimensions.

3) Control of self-assembly:
Modification of the self-organization of functional molecules on surfaces under various processing conditions from solution, from the isotropic melt or from their mesophase. Control over their microstructure and molecular arrangement towards the surface and the correlation to charge carrier transport in devices.

4) New processing techniques:
Development of novel processing methods. Uniaxial, long-range molecular orientation in thin films under non-equilibrium for device improvement.

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