Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Tobias Weidner
Prof. Dr. Tobias Weidner
Phone:+49 6131 379-547

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Group leader

Prof. Dr. Tobias Weidner


Tobias Weidner joined the MPIP as a project leader in December 2011. Before coming to Mainz he was an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Bioengineering at the University of Washington (Seattle). Tobias Weidner received his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Kassel (Germany) in 2006. Before coming to Mainz, Dr. Weidner joined the lab of Michael Zharnikov in Michael Grunze's research group at the University of Heidelberg as a postdoc for a year and later moved to Seattle as a postdoc under the supervision of David Castner. His research interests include biomineralization, membrane proteins and surface self-assembly. At the MPI-P he uses sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy to probe the structure and orientation of surface bound proteins. He also employs complementary UHV and synchrotron-based surface analysis techniques such as XPS and NEXAFS spectroscopy.


+49 6131 379-547 (phone)
+49 6131 379-360 (fax)

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