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Dr. Kai Zhang
Project Leader
Phone:+49 6131 379-248


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Z. J. Wang, S. Ghasimi, K. Landfester, K. A. I. Zhang

Molecular structural design of conjugated microporous poly(benzooxadiazole) networks for enhanced photocatalytic activity with visible light.

B. C. Ma, S. Ghasimi, K. Landfester, F. Vilela, K. A. I. Zhang
Conjugated Microporous Polymer Nanoparticles with enhanced dispersibility and water compatibility for photocatalytic applications
Z. J. Wang, K. Garth, S. Ghasimi, K. Landfester, K. A. I. Zhang

Conjugated Microporous Poly(Benzochalcogenadiazole)s for Photocatalytic Oxidative Coupling of Amines under Visible Light

M. Sanromán-Iglesias, K. A. I. Zhang, A. Chuvilin, C. H. Lawrie, M. Grzelczak, L. M. Liz-Marzán

Conjugated polymers as molecular gates for light-controlled release of gold nanoparticles

Zi Jun Wang, Saman Ghasimi , Katharina Landfester , and Kai A. I. Zhang

Photocatalytic Suzuki Coupling Reaction Using Conjugated Microporous Polymer with Immobilized Palladium Nanoparticles under Visible Light

Zi Jun Wang, Saman Ghasimi, Katharina Landfester and Kai A. I. Zhang

A conjugated porous poly-benzobisthiadiazole network for a visible light-driven photoredox reaction

Dr. Kai Zhang

Kai Zhang

Kai Zhang did his undergraduate and master study in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cologne. He completed his PhD in 2010 under the supervision of Professor Bernd Tieke in Cologne, and also in the group of Professor Peter Skabara at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK, working on novel conjugated polymers.  From 2011 to 2013, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher with Professor Markus Antonietti at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in Potsdam. In the beginning of 2013 he joined the MPI-P as a group leader in the department of Professor Katharina Landfester. His research activity is mainly focused on photo- or electroactive porous polymer materials for catalytic studies.


Research Projects

Conjugated porous polymers for catalysis

Multifunctional Porous Materials

Conjugated porous polymers for catalysis

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