Group Leader

Dr. Katrin F. Domke
Phone: +49 6131 379-476
Email: domke@mpip*
Skype: kfdomke



Jonas has joined us a a PhD student. Welcome to the TERS group!

Our first solid/liquid TERS paper is out! Congratulations, Natalia and Leonie!

Congratulations, Ulmas, on winning an ISE Travel Award for Young Electrochemists!

Philipp's work providing a deeper understanding of the mechanism of electrochemical CuBTC synthesis has been accepted for publication in ChemComm. Congratulations!

Xiao's work on water-Nafion interactions has been accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie. Congrats!

Emmy Noether Group

Raman at Solid/Liquid Interfaces

Our group studies the physico-chemical actions and reactions of molecules at complex electrified interfaces. For example, we want to understand the chemical origin of degradation processes that occur at dye-sensitized solar cell interfaces. Also, we are interested in elucidating water transport in fuel cell membranes and the electrochemical growth of metal-organic frameworks. With help of advanced nearfield and nonlinear Raman spectroscopy approaches, we gain molecular-level understanding of the complex interfacial processes under realistic working conditions.


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