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On the way to printable organic light emitting diodes

July 09, 2019
Researchers are developing an efficient OLED consisting of only one layer [more]
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Van't Hoff Prize for Prof. Mischa Bonn

May 31, 2019
Bunsen Society honors Director of the MPI for Polymer Research [more]
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Wenn Bienen frieren

May 20, 2019
Volkswagen Foundation supports project at Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research [more]
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Wound healing with the power of nanofibers

April 29, 2019
Scientists develop novel material to support cell regeneration [more]
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Magnetic micro-boats

March 21, 2019
Scientists create magnetic swimmers with exceptional properties [more]
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Clear view in rain!

March 11, 2019
Article about friction between liquids and solids published in “Physik in unserer Zeit”  [more]
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Jellyfish: A delicacy! 

March 05, 2019
Research group investigates chemical-physical structure of jellyfish [more]
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Research network „MaxWater“ founded to investigate water

January 25, 2019
Max Planck institutes join forces to explore the properties of water [more]
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Humboldt Research Fellowship for two Postdoctoral Researchers  

January 25, 2019
Successful application of Anastasia Markina and Trivikram Nallamilli  [more]
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Enjoying „Proteins@Interfaces“

November 23, 2018
On Wednesday, 21st and Thursday 22nd of November more than 80 researchers have met to learn and discuss present challenges, developments and contemporary solutions to problems associated with proteins at interfaces. [more]
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