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    Journal Article
    Duan, R.; Cui, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Li, C.; Chen, L.; Hou, J. H.; Wagner, M.; Baumgarten, M.; He, C.; Müllen, K.: The Importance of End Groups for Solution-Processed Small-Molecule Bulk-Heterojunction Photovoltaic Cells. ChemSusChem 9 (9), pp. 973 - 980 (2016)
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    Journal Article
    Zhao, Y.; Schwab, M. G.; Kiersnowski, A.; Pisula, W.; Baumgarten, M.; Chen, L.; Müllen, K.; Li, C.: Trifluoromethyl-functionalized bathocuproine for polymer solar cells. Journal of Materials Chemistry C: Materials for Optical and Electronic Devices 4 (21), pp. 4640 - 4646 (2016)
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    Journal Article
    An, C.; Puniredd, S. R.; Guo, X.; Stelzig, T.; Zhao, Y.; Pisula, W.; Baumgarten, M.: Benzodithiophene-Thiadiazoloquinoxaline as an Acceptor for Ambipolar Copolymers with Deep LUMO Level and Distinct Linkage Pattern. Macromolecules 47 (3), pp. 979 - 986 (2014)
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    Journal Article
    Li, C.; Schwab, M.; Zhao, Y.; Chen, L.; Bruder, I.; Münster, I.; Erk, P.; Müllen, K.: A phenanthroline derivative as exciton blocking material for organic solar cells. Dyes and Pigments 97 (1), pp. 258 - 261 (2013)
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    Journal Article
    Pisula, W.; Tsao, H. N.; Dudenko, D.; Cho, D. M.; Puniredd, S. R.; Zhao, Y.; Mavrinskiy, A.; Shu, J.; Hansen, M. R.; Baumgarten, M. et al.; Müllen, K.: Solid-State Organization and Ambipolar Field-Effect Transistors of Benzothiadiazole-Cyclopentadithiophene Copolymer with Long Branched Alkyl Side Chains. Polymers 5 (2), pp. 833 - 846 (2013)
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    Journal Article
    Zhao, Y.; Chen, L.; Li, C.; Müllen, K.: Effects of a bathophenanthroline exciton blocking layer on thermal annealing-free bulk heterojunction solar cells. Synthetic Metals 174, pp. 46 - 49 (2013)
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    Journal Article
    Zagranyarski, Y.; Chen, L.; Zhao, Y. F.; Wonneberger, H.; Li, C.; Müllen, K.: Facile Transformation of Perylene Tetracarboxylic Acid Dianhydride into Strong Donor-Acceptor Chromophores. Organic Letters 14 (21), pp. 5444 - 5447 (2012)
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    Journal Article
    Battagliarin, G.; Zhao, Y. F.; Li, C.; Müllen, K.: Efficient Tuning of LUMO Levels of 2,5,8,11-Substituted Perylenediimides via Copper Catalyzed Reactions. Organic Letters 13 (13), pp. 3399 - 3401 (2011)
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    Journal Article
    Deng, X.; Mammen, L.; Zhao, Y. F.; Lellig, P.; Müllen, K.; Li, C.; Butt, H.-J.; Vollmer, D.: Transparent, Thermally Stable and Mechanically Robust Superhydrophobic Surfaces Made from Porous Silica Capsules. Advanced Materials 23 (26), pp. 2962 - 2965 (2011)

Thesis - PhD (1)

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    Thesis - PhD
    Zhao, Y.: Investigation of organic cathode buffer layer materials for bulk heterojunction solar cells. Dissertation, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz (2014)
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