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  1. 41.
    Journal Article
    Liu, D.; Dai, L.; Lin, X.; Chen, J.; Zhang, J.; Feng, X.; Müllen, K.; Zhu, X.; Dai, S.: Chemical Approaches to Carbon-Based Metal-Free Catalysts. Advanced Materials 31 (13) (2019)
  2. 42.
    Journal Article
    Exbrayat, L.; Salaluk, S.; Uebel, M.; Jenjob, R.; Rameau, B.; Koynov, K.; Landfester, K.; Rohwerder, M.; Crespy, D.: Nanosensors for Monitoring Early Stages of Metallic Corrosion. ACS Applied Nano Materials 2 (2) (2019)
  3. 43.
    Journal Article
    Gumz, H.; Boye, S.; Iyisan, B.; Krönert, V.; Formanek, P.; Voit, B.; Lederer, A.; Appelhans, D.: Toward Functional Synthetic Cells: In-Depth Study of Nanoparticle and Enzyme Diffusion through a Cross-Linked Polymersome Membrane. Advanced Science 6 (7) (2019)
  4. 44.
    Journal Article
    Abdulkarim, A.; Strunk, K.-P.; Bäuerle, R.; Beck, S.; Makowska, H.; Marszalek, T.; Pucci, A.; Melzer, C.; Jänsch, D.; Freudenberg, J. et al.; Bunz, U. H. F.; Müllen, K.: Small Change, Big Impact: The Shape of Precursor Polymers Governs Poly-p-phenylene Synthesis. Macromolecules 52 (12), pp. 4458 - 4463 (2019)
  5. 45.
    Journal Article
    Abetz, V.; Kremer, K.; Marcus, M.; Reiter, G.: Functional Macromolecular Systems: Kinetic Pathways to Obtain Tailored Structures. Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 220 (2), 1800334 (2019)
  6. 46.
    Journal Article
    Abolhasani, M. M.; Naebe, M.; Shirvanimoghaddam, K.; Fashandi, H.; Khayyam, H.; Joordens, M. A.; Pipertzis, A.; Anwar, S.; Berger, R.; Floudas, G. et al.; Michels, J. J.; Asadi, K.: Thermodynamic approach to tailor porosity in piezoelectric polymer fibers for application in nanogenerators. Nano Energy 62, pp. 594 - 600 (2019)
  7. 47.
    Journal Article
    Arnold, S.; Henkel, M.; Wanger, J.; Wittgens, A.; Rosenau, F.; Hausmann, R.: Heterologous rhamnolipid biosynthesis by P. putida KT2440 on bio-oil derived small organic acids and fractions. AMB Express 9 (1) (2019)
  8. 48.
    Journal Article
    Athanasiou, T.; Auernhammer, G. K.; Auernhammer, G. K.; Vlassopoulos, D.; Petekidis, G.: A high-frequency piezoelectric rheometer with validation of the loss angle measuring loop: application to polymer melts and colloidal glasses. Rheologica Acta (2019)
  9. 49.
    Journal Article
    Azizian, S.; Fujii, S.; Kasahara, M.; Butt, H. J.; Kappl, M.: Effect of particle morphology on mechanical properties of liquid marbles. Advanced Powder Technology 30 (2), pp. 330 - 335 (2019)
  10. 50.
    Journal Article
    Balawi, A. H.; Stappert, S.; Gorenflot, J.; Li, C.; Müllen, K.; Andrienko, D.; Laquai, F.: Direct and Energy-Transfer-Mediated Charge-Transfer State Formation and Recombination in Triangulene-Spacer-Perylenediimide Multichromophores: Lessons for Photovoltaic Applications. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (27), pp. 16602 - 16613 (2019)
  11. 51.
    Journal Article
    Balos, V.; Marekha, B. A.; Malm, C.; Wagner, M.; Nagata, Y.; Bonn, M.; Hunger, J.: Specific Ion Effects on an Oligopeptide: Bidentate binding matters for the Guanidinium Cation. Angewandte Chemie International Edition in English 58 (1), pp. 332 - 337 (2019)
  12. 52.
    Journal Article
    Barin, G. B.; Fairbrother, A.; Rotach, L.; Bayle, M.; Paillet, M.; Liang, L.; Meunier, V.; Hauert, R.; Dumslaff, T.; Narita, A. et al.; Muellen, K.; Sahabudeen, H.; Berger, R.; Feng, X.; Fasel, R.; Ruffieux, P.: Surface-Synthesized Graphene Nanoribbons for Room Temperature Switching Devices: Substrate Transfer and ex Situ Characterization. ACS Applied Nano Materials 2 (4), pp. 2184 - 2192 (2019)
  13. 53.
    Journal Article
    Bartelt, S. M.; Chervyachkova, E.; Ricken, J.; Wegner, S. V.: Mimicking Adhesion in Minimal Synthetic Cells. Advanced Biosystems 3 (6) (2019)
  14. 54.
    Journal Article
    Battig, A.; Markwart, J. C.; Wurm, F. R.; Schartel, B.: Hyperbranched phosphorus flame retardants: multifunctional additives for epoxy resins. Polymer Chemistry 10 (31) (2019)
  15. 55.
    Journal Article
    Baumgarten, M.: Tuning the Magnetic Exchange Interactions in Organic Biradical Networks. Physica Status Solidi B (accepted)
  16. 56.
    Journal Article
    Beament, J.; Wolf, T.; Markwart, J. C.; Wurm, F. R.; Jones, M. D.; Buchard, A.: Copolymerization of Cyclic Phosphonate and Lactide: Synthetic Strategies toward Control of Amphiphilic Microstructure. Macromolecules 52 (3), pp. 1220 - 1226 (2019)
  17. 57.
    Journal Article
    Beccard, S.; Bernard, J.; Wouters, R.; Gehrich, K.; Zielbauer, B.; Mezger, M.; Vilgis, T. A.: Alteration of the structural properties of inulin gels. Food Hydrocolloids 89, pp. 302 - 310 (2019)
  18. 58.
    Journal Article
    Beckers, S. J.; Dallo, I. A.; Del Campo, I.; Rosenauer, C.; Klein, K.; Wurm, F. R.: From Compost to Colloids - Valorization of Spent Mushroom Substrate. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 7 (7) (2019)
  19. 59.
    Journal Article
    Bell, M.; Hester, H. G.; Gallman, A. N.; Gomez, V.; Pribyl, J.; Rojas, G.; Riegger, A.; Weil, T.; Watanabe, H.; Chujo, Y. et al.; Wagener, K. B.: Bulk Acyclic Diene Metathesis Polycondensation. Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 220 (15) (2019)
  20. 60.
    Journal Article
    Berger, R.; Grevin, B.; Leclere, P.; Zhang, Y.: Scanning probe microscopy for energy-related materials. Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 10 (2019)
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