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Journal Article (8290)

  1. 8281.
    Witteler, H.; Lieser, G.; Dröscher, M.: COMPATIBILITY OF POLY[OXY(2,6-DIMETHYL-1,4-PHENYLENE)] AND STYRENE-MALEIC ANHYDRIDE COPOLYMERS. Die Makromolekulare Chemie, Rapid Communications 14 (7), pp. 401 - 403 (1993)
  2. 8282.
    Woeste, G.; Meyer, W. H.; Wegner, G.: COPOLYMERS OF ETHYL P-VINYLBENZENESULFONATE FOR THE PREPARATION OF POLYELECTROLYTES OF REPRODUCIBLE ION CONTENT. Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 194 (4), pp. 1237 - 1248 (1993)
  3. 8283.
    Woo, H. S.; Lhost, O.; Graham, S. C.; Bradley, D. D. C.; Friend, R. H.; Quattrocchi, C.; Bredas, J. L.; Schenk, R.; Müllen, K.: OPTICAL-SPECTRA AND EXCITATIONS IN PHENYLENE VINYLENE OLIGOMERS. Synthetic Metals 59 (1), pp. 13 - 28 (1993)
  4. 8284.
    Zemke, K.; Schmidt-Rohr, K.; Magillc, J. H.; Sillescu, H.; Spiess, H. W.: MOLECULAR-DYNAMICS NEAR THE GLASS-TRANSITION - A 2-DIMENSIONAL C-13 NMR-STUDY OF 1,3,5-TRI-ALPHA-NAPHTHYLBENZENE. Molecular Physics 80 (6), pp. 1317 - 1330 (1993)
  5. 8285.
    Zentel, R.; Baumann, H.; Scharf, D.; Eich, M.; Schoenfeld, A.; Kremer, F.: 2ND-ORDER NONLINEAR OPTICAL MAIN-CHAIN POLYMERS BY POLYMERIZATION OF POLED MONOMERS. Die Makromolekulare Chemie, Rapid Communications 14 (2), pp. 121 - 131 (1993)
  6. 8286.
    Dewilde, R.; Mohr, B.; Hesseling, M.; Aschoff, J.: Relapsing functional ovarian cysts after laparoscopic fenestration. Geburtshilfe Und Frauenheilkunde 49 (12), pp. 1085 - 1086 (1989)
  7. 8287.
    Wagner, M.; Wohlfarth, W.; Müllen, K.: Anthracene and Anthraquinone Oligomers with ortho-Cyclophane Linkage through Repeated Diels-Adler Reaction Of 1,2,5,6-Tetra-exo-Methylenecyclooctane. Chimia 42 (11 ), pp. 377 - 379 (1988)
  8. 8288.
    Haeberlen, U.; Spiess, H. W.; Schweitzer, D.: Spin echo experiments on 13C, 2H, 1H, and 19F in some small molecules in the liquid phase. Journal of Magnetic Resonance 6 (1), pp. 39 - 54 (1972)
  9. 8289.
    Spiess, H. W.; Schweitzer, D.; Haeberlen, U.; Hausser, K. H.: Spin-rotation interaction and anisotropic chemical shift in 13CS2. Journal of Magnetic Resonance 5 (1), pp. 101 - 108 (1971)
  10. 8290.
    Hausser, K. H.; Reinhold, F.: Untersuchungen des Overhauser-Effekts in Lösungen freier Radikale mittels Wendelleitung. Zeitschrift für Naturforschung, A: Physical Sciences 16 (10), pp. 1114 - 1116 (1961)

Book (5)

  1. 8291.
    del Campo, A.; Arzt, E. (Eds.): Generating Micro- and Nanopatterns on Polymeric Materials. Wiley-VCH, Weinheim (2011), 370 pp.
  2. 8292.
    Butt, H.-J.; Graf, K.; Kappl, M.: Physics and Chemistry of Interfaces. Wiley-VCH, Berlin (2006), 386 pp.
  3. 8293.
    Dünweg, B.; Landau, D. P.; Milchev, A. I. (Eds.): Computer Simulations of Surfaces and Interfaces. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht [et al.] (2003), 472 pp.
  4. 8294.
    Schweiger, A.; Jeschke, G.: Principles of pulse electron paramagnetic resonance. Oxford University Press, Oxford (2001), 672 pp.
  5. 8295.
    Born, R.; Spiess, H. W.: Ab Initio Calculations of Conformational Effects on 13C NMR Spectra of Amorphous Polymers. Springer, Berlin [et al.] (1997)

Book Chapter (271)

  1. 8296.
    Andrienko, D.; Kordt, P.; May, F.; Badinski, A.; Lennartz, C.: Modeling of organic light emitting diodes: from molecular to device properties. In: Organic Light Emitting Materials and Devices XX (Eds. So, F.; Adachi, C.; Kim, J. J.). SPIE, Bellingham, Washington (2016)
  2. 8297.
    Crespy, D.; Landfester, K.; Fickert, J.; Rohwerder, M.: Self-Healing for Anticorrosion Based on Encapsulated Healing Agents. In: Self-healing Materials, pp. 219 - 245 (Eds. Hager, M. D.; van der Zwaag, S.; Schubert, U. S.) (2016)
  3. 8298.
    Donadio, D.: Simulation of Dimensionality Effects in Thermal Transport. In: Thermal Transport in Low Dimensions: From Statistical Physics to Nanoscale Heat Transfer, pp. 275 - 304 (Ed. Lepri, S.). Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland (2016)
  4. 8299.
    Gerhard, M.; Gehrig, D.; Howard, I. A.; Arndt, A. P.; Bilal, M.; Rahimi-Iman, A.; Lemmer, U.; Laquai, F.; Koch, M.: Loss mechanisms in organic solar cells based on perylene diimide acceptors studied by time-resolved photoluminescence. In: Organic Photonics VII (Eds. Cheyns, D.; Beaujuge, P. M.; van Elsbergen, V.; Ribierre, J. C.). SPIE, Bellingham, Washington (2016)
  5. 8300.
    Hunger, J.; Buchner, R.: Femto- to Nanosecond Dynamics in Ionic Liquids: From Single Molecules to Collective Motions. In: Dielectric Properties of Ionic Liquids, pp. 53 - 71 (Ed. Paluch, M.). Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland (2016)
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