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  1. 8661.
    Pleiner, H.; Temmen, H.; Liu, M.; Brand, H. R.: Convective Nonlinearity in Non-Newtonian Fluids. In: Proceedings of the 13th International Congress on Rheology, pp. 96 - 98 (Eds. Binding, D.M.; al.). British Society of Rheology, Glasgow (2000)
  2. 8662.
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  3. 8663.
    Schiewe, B.; Vuin, A.; Günther, N.; Gebauer, K.; Richter, T.; Wegner, G.: Polymer Membranes for Product Enrichment in Microreaction Technology. In: Microreaction Technology: Industrial Prospects. IMRET 3: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Microreaction Technology, pp. 550 - 555. Springer, Berlin (2000)
  4. 8664.
    Schmitt, T.; Guttmann, P.; Schmidt, O.; Müller-Buschbaum, P.; Stamm, M.; Schönhense, G.; Schmahl, G.: Microscopy of Thin Polymer Blend Films of Polystyrene and Poly-n-butyl-methacrylate. In: X-Ray Microscopy: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference, pp. 245 - 249 (Eds. Meyer-Ilse, W.; Warwick, T.; Attwood, D.). American Institute of Physics, Melville/NY (2000)
  5. 8665.
    Spiess, H. W.: Multidimensional Solid State NMR Studies of Complex Dynamics in Polymers. In: Statistical Physics, pp. 33 - 39 (Eds. Tokuyama, M.; Stanley, H. E.). American Institute of Physics, Melville/NY (2000)
  6. 8666.
    Tel, T.; Vollmer, J.: Entropy Balance, Multibaker Maps, and the Dynamics of the Lorentz Gas. In: Hard Ball Systems and the Lorentz Gas, pp. 369 - 418 (Ed. Szasz, D.). Springer, Berlin (2000)
  7. 8667.
    van Opstal, L.; Nies, E.; Koningsveld, R.: Thermodynamic Properties of Polyolefin Solutions. In: Handbook of Polyolefins, 2nd Ed., pp. 379 - 400 (Ed. Vasile, C.). Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York [et al.] (2000)
  8. 8668.
    Baumgarten, M.: Radical Ion Building Blocks for Organic Magnetic Materials: Computational and Experimental Approaches. In: Magnetic Properties of Organic Materials, pp. 147 - 163 (Ed. Lahti, P. M.). Marcel Dekker, New York (1999)
  9. 8669.
    Berger, T.; Steffen, W.: Light scattering investigations of polydimethylsiloxane in sc-CO2. In: High pressure chemical engineering, pp. 67 - 69 (Eds. Dahmen, N.; Dinjus, E.) (1999)
  10. 8670.
    Everaers, R.; Kremer, K.: Entanglement Effects in Model Polymer Networks. In: Anomalous Diffusion: From Basics to Applications, pp. 221 - 234 (Eds. Kutner, R.; Pekalski, A.; Sznajd-Weron, K.). Springer, Berlin (1999)
  11. 8671.
    Everaers, R.; Kremer, K.: Topology Effects in Model Polymer Networks. In: Slow Dynamics in Complex Systems: 8th Tohwa University International Symposium 1998, pp. 615 - 626 (Eds. Tokuyama, M.; Oppenheim, I.). American Institute of Physics, Melville, NY (1999)
  12. 8672.
    Fischer, E. W.; Bakai, A. S.: Heterophase fluctuations in supercooled liquids and polymers. In: Slow Dynamics in Complex Systems: 8th Tohwa University International Symposium 1998, pp. 325 - 338 (Eds. Tokuyama, M.; Oppenheim, I.). American Institute of Physics, Melville, NY (1999)
  13. 8673.
    Fitrilawati, F.; Tjia, M. O.; Ziegler, J.; Bubeck, C.: Fabrication of Planar Waveguides of Poly(N-vinylcarbazole). In: Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of Photonic Devices, pp. 697 - 704 (Eds. Osinski, M.; Chua, S.-J.; Chichibu, S. F.). SPIE, Bellingham (1999)
  14. 8674.
    Holm, C.; Kremer, K.: Polyelectrolytes in Solution - Recent Computer Simulations. In: Proceedings of the 50th Yamada Conference on Polyelectrolytes. Inuyana, Japan, 06/1998, pp. 27 - 36. Yamada Science Foundation, Osaka (1999)
  15. 8675.
    Knoll, W.; Bunjes, N.; Denyer, M.; Heibel, C.; Matsuzawa, M.; Naumann, R.; Offenhäusser, A.; Rühe, J.; Schmidt, E. K.; Sinner, A. et al.; Sprössler, C.: Preparation, Structural Characterization, and Functional Coupling of Tethered Membranes to Solid Substrates. In: Biophysics of Electron Transfer and Molecular Bioelectronics, pp. 67 - 89 (Ed. Nicolini, C.). Plenum Press, New York (1999)
  16. 8676.
    Knoll, W.; Kleideiter, G.; Lechner, M. D.: High pressure surface plasmon- and optical waveguide spectroscopy (pressure dependence of thickness and refractive index of thin PMMA-films). In: High pressure chemical engineering, pp. 75 - 78 (Eds. Dahmen, N.; Dinjus, E.) (1999)
  17. 8677.
    Lanzani, G.; De Silvestri, S.; Cerullo, G.; Stagira, S.; Nisoli, M.; Graupner, W.; Leising, G.; Scherf, U.; Müllen, K.: Photophysics of Methyl-Substituted Poly(para-Phenylene)-Type Ladder Polymers. In: Semiconducting Polymers, Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering, pp. 235 - 258 (Eds. Hadziannou, G.; van Hutten, P. F.). Wiley-VCH, Berlin (1999)
  18. 8678.
    Leuninger, J.; Müllen, K.: Chains, Discs and Spheres - The Role of Dimensionality in π-Conjugated Materials. In: Conjugated Polymers, Oligomers and Dendrimers: From Polyacetylene to DNA, pp. 205 - 262 (Ed. Brédas, J. L.). Franqui Scientific Library, Louvain-la-Neuve (1999)
  19. 8679.
    Marsitzky, D.; Müllen, K.: 20 Years of "Synthetic Metals" - The Role of Synthesis. In: Advances in Synthetic Metals - Twenty Years of Progress in Science and Technology, pp. 1 - 97 (Eds. Bernier, P.; Lefrant, S.; Bidan, G.). Elsevier Science, Amsterdam (1999)
  20. 8680.
    Miteva, T.; Meisel, A.; Nothofer, H.; Scherf, U.; Knoll, W.; Neher, D.; Grell, M.; Lupo, D.; Yasuda, A.: Polymeric light-emitting diodes with highly polarized blue emission. In: Organic Light-Emitting Materials and Devices III, pp. 231 - 236 (Ed. Kafafi, Z. H.). SPIE, Bellingham (1999)
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