Prof. Dr. Tanja Weil
Prof. Dr. Tanja Weil
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Mai 2019

Our paper "Synthesis of Precision Poly(1,3-adamantylene alkylene)s via Acyclic Diene Metathesis Polycondensation" has been accepted for publication in Macromolecules. Congratulations to the authors!

Our paper “Polymer-grafted gold nanoflowers with temperature-controlled catalytic features by in situ particle growth and polymerization” has been accepted for publication in Materials Chemistry Frontiers. Congratulations to Chaojian and David!

Please welcome Dr. Zhixuan Zhou as a new member to our department. Zhixuan is working as a Post Doc in David’s group. It is a great pleasure to have him on board.

Welcome Zhixuan!

Our paper entitled “Orthogonally Stimulated Assembly/Disassembly of Depsipeptides by Rational Chemical Design” in ChemBioChem is online. Congratulations to Michaela, Adriana, Jasmina, Tanja and David.

This work led by David Ng has been selected as Very Important Paper in ChemBio Talents.

April 2019

Our joined paper “Sequence-Optimized Peptide Nanofibers as Growth Stimulators for Regeneration of Peripheral Neurons” has been published in Advanced Functional Materials. Congratulations to Stefanie, Christopher and Tanja!

Our paper “Two Colours of Light Control Orthogonal Covalent Bond Formation” is now online in Angewandte Chemie International Edition. Congratulations to the authors!

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Horizon2020 “AD Gut” Alzheimer Disease - gut connection

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J. Quambusch and T. Weil

The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks (ITN-ETN) Protein Conjugates

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S. L. Kuan and T. Weil
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