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  1. 21.
    Backus, E. H. G.; Cyran, J. D.; Grechko, M.; Nagata, Y.; Bonn, M.: Time-Resolved Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy: A Quantitative Comparison Between Intensity and Phase-Resolved Spectroscopy. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 122 (9), S. 2401 - 2410 (2018)
  2. 22.
    Bakkali-Hassani, C.; Coutouly, C.; Gleede, T.; Vignolle, J.; Wurm, F. R.; Carlotti, S.; Taton, D.: Selective Initiation from Unprotected Aminoalcohols for the N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Organocatalyzed Ring-Opening Polymerization of 2-Methyl-N-tosyl Aziridine: Telechelic and Block Copolymer Synthesis. Macromolecules 51 (7), S. 2533 - 2541 (2018)
  3. 23.
    Balos, V.; Marekha, B. A.; Malm, C.; Wagner, M.; Nagata, Y.; Bonn, M.; Hunger, J.: Specific Ion Effects on an Oligopeptide: Bidentate binding matters for the Guanidinium Cation. Angewandte Chemie International Edition in English (2018)
  4. 24.
    Ban, Q. F.; Hou, Y. L.; Sun, W.; Chen, J. X.; Zhang, X. F.; Wu, S.; Kong, J.: An Unconventional Polymerization Route to Hydrophilic Fluorescent Organic Nanoparticles for Multicolor Cellular Bioimaging. Chemistry – An Asian Journal 13 (12), S. 1625 - 1631 (2018)
  5. 25.
    Ban, Q. F.; Zhuang, Q.; Su, K. H.; Wu, S.; Kong, J.: Interfacial liquid phase-driven removal of copper ions for bioavailable hyperbranched polytriazoles. Journal of Materials Science 53 (14), S. 10013 - 10024 (2018)
  6. 26.
    Ban, Q.; Sun, W.; Kong, J.; Wu, S.: Hyperbranched Polymers with Controllable Topologies for Drug Delivery. Chemistry – An Asian Journal 13 (22), S. 3341 - 3350 (2018)
  7. 27.
    Ban, Q. F.; Du, J. J.; Sun, W.; Chen, J. X.; Wu, S.; Kong, J.: Intramolecular Copper-Containing Hyperbranched Polytriazole Assemblies for Label-Free Cellular Bioimaging and Redox-Triggered Copper Complex Delivery. Macromolecular Rapid Communications 39 (11), 1800171 (2018)
  8. 28.
    Barros, H. R.; Kokkinopoulou, M.; Riegel-Vidotti, I. C.; Landfester, K.; Therien-Aubin, H.: Gold nanocolloid-protein interactions and their impact on beta-sheet amyloid fibril formation. RSC Advances 8 (2), S. 980 - 986 (2018)
  9. 29.
    Bartelt, S. M.; Chervyachkova, E.; Steinkühler, J.; Ricken, J.; Wieneke, R.; Tampe, R.; Dimova, R.; Wegner, S. V.: Dynamic blue light-switchable protein patterns on giant unilamellar vesicles. Chemical Communications 54 (8), S. 948 - 951 (2018)
  10. 30.
    Bartelt, S. M.; Steinkühler, J.; Dimova, R.; Wegner, S.: Light-Guided Motility of a Minimal Synthetic Cell. Nano Letters 18 (11), S. 7268 - 7274 (2018)
  11. 31.
    Bauer, K. N.; Liu, L.; Andrienko, D.; Wagner, M.; Macdonald, E. K.; Shaver, M. P.; Wurm, F. R.: Polymerizing Phostones: A Fast Way to In-Chain Poly(phosphonate)s with Adjustable Hydrophilicity. Macromolecules 51 (4), S. 1272 - 1279 (2018)
  12. 32.
    Beck, S.; Schultze, J.; Räder, H.-J.; Holm, R.; Schinnerer, M.; Barz, M.; Koynov, K.; Zentel, R.: Site-Specific DBCO Modification of DEC205 Antibody for Polymer Conjugation. Polymers 10 (2), 141 (2018)
  13. 33.
    Becker, G.; Wurm, F. R.: Functional biodegradable polymers via ring-opening polymerization of monomers without protective groups. Chemical Society Reviews 47 (20), S. 7739 - 7782 (2018)
  14. 34.
    Becker, G.; Deng, Z. L.; Zober, M.; Wagner, M.; Lienkamp, K.; Wurm, F. R.: Surface-attached poly(phosphoester)-hydrogels with benzophenone groups. Polymer Chemistry 9 (3), S. 315 - 326 (2018)
  15. 35.
    Becker Peres, L.; dos Anjos, R. S.; Tappertzhofen, L. C.; Feuser, P. E.; de Araujo, P. H. H.; Landfester, K.; Sayer, C.; Munoz-Espi, R.: pH-responsive physically and chemically cross-linked glutamic-acid-based hydrogels and nanogels. European Polymer Journal 101, S. 341 - 349 (2018)
  16. 36.
    Benneckendorf, F. S.; Hillebrandt, S.; Ullrich, F.; Rohnacher, V.; Hietzschold, S.; Jänsch, D.; Freudenberg, J.; Beck, S.; Mankel, E.; Jaegermann, W. et al.; Pucci, A.; Bunz, U. H. F.; Müllen, K.: Structure-Property Relationship of Phenylene-Based Self-Assembled Monolayers for Record Low Work Function of Indium Tin Oxide. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 9 (13), S. 3731 - 3737 (2018)
  17. 37.
    Bera, B.; Carrier, O.; Backus, E. H. G.; Bonn, M.; Shahidzadeh, N.; Bonn, D.: Counteracting Interfacial Energetics for Wetting of Hydrophobic Surfaces in the Presence of Surfactants. Langmuir 34 (41), S. 12344 - 12349 (2018)
  18. 38.
    Bereau, T.; DiStasio, R. A.; Tkatchenko, A.; von Lilienfeld, O. A.: Non-covalent interactions across organic and biological subsets of chemical space: Physics-based potentials parametrized from machine learning. The Journal of Chemical Physics 148 (24), 241706 (2018)
  19. 39.
    Bernard, L.; Khikhlovskyi, V.; van Breemen, A.; Michels, J. J.; Janssen, R.; Kemerink, M.; Gelinck, G.; Pilet, N.: Study of the morphology of organic ferroelectric diodes with combined scanning force and scanning transmission X-ray microscopy. Organic Electronics 53, S. 242 - 248 (2018)
  20. 40.
    Bhatt, P.; Kolanji, K.; Ivanova, A.; Yogi, A.; Jakob, G.; Mukadam, M. D.; Yusuf, S. M.; Baumgarten, M.: Magnetic Exchange Interaction in Nitronyl Nitroxide Radical-Based Single Crystals of 3d Metal Complexes: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study. ACS Omega 3 (3), S. 2918 - 2933 (2018)
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