Emmy Noether Research Group Lutz Nuhn

Emmy Noether Research Group Lutz Nuhn

Precise delivery of immune modulating cues is a major challenge for effective immunotherapy, especially with respect to treatment of cancers or other immune dysregulated diseases. 

The Emmy Noether Research group of Lutz Nuhn aims to establish novel macromolecular-based carrier systems to re-shape the immunological microenvironment and, thus, re-establish again natural immunity e.g. against cancer. 

Via an intense interplay between organic and polymer chemistry, supported by biomedical characterization tools, versatile stimuli-responsive macromolecular carriers are fabricated and equipped with several functionalities to overcome the therapeutic challenges of effective drug transport and delivery (stability, release, degradation). 

In order to study the carrier’s preclinical performance Lutz Nuhn’s team is closely collaborating with immunologist and physicians from Mainz, Germany, Belgium and the USA. 


Dr. Lutz Nuhn

Group Leader
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