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Group Members

Group Leader:

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Frederik Wurm CV


Dr. Seong-Min Jo
Dr. Seong-Min Jo

Synthetic Biology; Cascade reactions in confinement

Dr. Emeline Rideau
Dr. Emeline Rideau

Doctoral candidates:

Sebastian Beckers
Sebastian Beckers

Development of biodegradable nanocarriers

Tobias Haider
Tobias Haider

PlastX: Design of biodegradable polymers for plastic packaging

Natkritta Hüppe
Natkritta Hüppe

Nanocarriers based on Polycyanoacrylates

Timo Rheinberger
Timo Rheinberger

Reactions in self-assembled confinements and polyphosphoester synthesis

Stefan Peil
Stefan Peil

Joint PhD Projects:

Chiara Pelosi
Chiara Pelosi

Joint PhD project MPIP and Univ. Pisa, 2017 "Degradable protein-polymer conjugates"

Master students:



Dr. Maria Martinez-Velencoso , postdoctoral fellow 2015-2018, now at Kuraray Europe
Dr. Staffan Lindberg, postdoctoral fellow 2015-2016

Finished Doctoral Candidates:

Dr. Kristin Bauer, 2014-2018, now at Boehringer Ingelheim
Dr. Elisabeth Rieger, 2013-2018, now at Chemie-Cluster Bayern GmbH
Dr. Sarah Christmann, now at agap2
Dr. Thomas Wolf, now at BASF SE
Dr. Greta Becker, now at Kuraray
Dr. Mark Steinmann, now Postdoctoral Fellow at University Ulm
Dr. Laura Thomi, 2013-2017, now at Syft Technologies
Dr. Keti Piradashvili, 2013-2016
Dr. Arda Alkan, 2012-2016, now at Ems Chemie, Switzerland
Dr. Doungporn Yiamsawas, 2012-2016 now at: National Nanotechnology Center, Pathum Than
Dr. Biao Kang, 2012-2016
Dr. Tobias Steinbach, 2012-2015, now at BASF
Dr. Evandro Alexandrino, 2012-2015, now at Armacell
Dr. Filippo Marsico, 2012-2014, now at Alcantara

Guest PhD Students:

Camila Guindani, 2018
Lillian Dutra, 2015-2016
Livia Mesquita, 2015

Diploma Students


Go Kobayashi
Tassilo Gleede


Laura Müller
Anton Taigind

Master Theses


Jens C. Markwart
Erik Kersten
Tatjana Homann-Müller

Bachelor Theses


Matay Kaplan


Tristan Marquetant


Dennis Pollok
Timo Rheinberger
Joachim Pfuhl
Johannes Naß
Torben Herrmann


Katja Weber
Dennis Unthan
Nerma Hambiralovic
Yagmur Bülbül
Christian Steinmetz


Jens C. Markwart
Christian Wahlen

Former Coworkers

Alper Cankaya
Katja Weber

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