Stefanie Sieste
Stefanie Sieste

University of Ulm

Peptide-based Bionanomaterials

Peptide-based bionanomaterials

Self-assembling peptides (SAPs) offer a great potential to adopt functional roles as they possess highly ordered unique conformational arrangements with a distinctive cross-β-sheet structure. They create precise yet tunable morphologies with outstanding mechanical properties such as high rigidity, tensile strengths or enhanced resistance towards biodegradation. The precise synthesis of tailored SAPs with defined surface functionalization enables an attractive SAP toolbox for a wide range of different applications in nanomaterial science.

Our group is dedicated to investigate: 

  • SAP-based transduction enhancers for efficient gene delivery
  • Bioactive SAPs for peripheral nerve regeneration
  • SAP-based nanotemplates for the synthesis of metal hybrid materials
  • Tailored SAPs as functional additives
  • & many more research topics in close collaboration with partners from (bio)chemistry, medical research and physics!

More information and details about this project here.



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