Dr. Seah Ling Kuan
Dr. Seah Ling Kuan
Group Leader
Phone:+49 6131 379-471

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Protein Bioconjugates and Therapeutics

Protein Bioconjugates and Therapeutics

Biomacromolecules such as peptides, proteins and DNA have emerged as an important class of therapeutics. In 2017, biologics comprise about 20 % of total global pharmaceutical spending. The syntheses and optimization of such molecules by the cellular machinery are limited. Hence, we seek to develop new synthesis pathways to modify biomolecules in a site-directed fashion and construct protein-based therapeutic, which could not be achieved by molecular biology methods. As an example, a novel fusion toxin has been prepared that binds to certain cellular receptors and delivers a protein toxin into cancer cells that thus become more sensitive to treatments with known chemotherapeutics such as the drug doxorubicin. We envision efficient biotherapeutics that boost cancer-cell toxicity with less side effects. In order to accomplish this exciting task, we convert different proteins through the new synthetic methodologies developed into fusion proteins that could be tested by our collaborators.

Chemically Engineered Multidomain Protein Zoom Image
Chemically Engineered Multidomain Protein

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