Dr. Manfred Wagner
Dr. Manfred Wagner
Project Leader

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NMR spectroscopy

NMR spectroscopy

The NMR group provides state-of-the-art expertise and equipment to analyze polymers, proteins and peptides in solution under near physiological conditions as well as in solid state. We determine static structures, dynamics (in-situ NMR), reaction kinetics and pathways, interactions as well as the impact of external factors such as temperature, solvent and light. Besides service measurements for the entire institute, scientific cooperations allow solving challenging questions by NMR experiments. We will focus on the characterization of anisotropic and dynamic materials (e.g. peptide nanostructures, dynamic hydrogels) and we plan to implement entirely novel NMR methods enabling the investigation of heterogeneous structures under ambient conditions by e.g. high-resolution magic angle spinning probes. Such developments will provide detailed insights into the local structure and dynamics at interphases of complex, heterogeneous systems.

High Resolution NMR Spectroscopy:

  • hydrodynamic radius
  • copolymerisation characterization
  • one- and two- dimensional NMR
  • high-and low-temperature measurements
  • heteronuclear NMR
  • gel NMR (HR MAS)
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