Quantum effects at water interfaces – PhD position

Job Offer from February 10, 2023

Liquids are usually described within classical physics, while solids require the tools of quantum mechanics. In nanoscale systems, such a distinction no longer holds. We have recently shown that quantum effects may arise in nanoscale water flows, as the liquid charge fluctuations interact with the electrons in the channel walls. This thesis will use a combination of analytical and numerical methods to study these quantum effects far away from thermodynamic equilibrium. Can water help optically-excited electrons return to their ground state? Can we drive water flows with electronic currents? Theoretical insights into these questions will guide the interpretation and design of experiments and will provide new strategies for manipulating liquid flows at the nanoscale. 
The position will be hosted in Nikita Kavokine’s research group, and benefit from the close contact with experiments and outstanding working environment of the Bonn department. 
Max Planck is an equal-opportunity employer. We prioritize diversity, are committed to creating an inclusive environment for everyone, and promote a culture of curiosity and creativity.
Prospective candidates should have a background in theoretical condensed-matter physics and/or statistical mechanics. Applications in .pdf should include:
  1. A curriculum vitae,
  2. a brief letter of motivation (up to 1 page),
  3. the names and contact information of 2 - 3 persons who can serve as references
and should be sent to Dr. Nikita Kavokine, nikita.kavokine@mpip-mainz.mpg.de.
More information can be found at https://nkavokine.org/ and https://www.mpip-mainz.mpg.de/en/bonn.
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