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Historical Review

The Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research: History, Foundation, Growth 1983-2000

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This is the title of a report by Professor Gerhard Wegner – one of the two founding directors of the Institute – in which he describes why and how such an institute was created and why Mainz was selected as the place.

Numerous original documents are displayed for the first time, which illustrate the deliberations of various committees at the time of foundation and early years of the Institute. The report reveals in 16 chapters why the scientific community of the Federal Republic of Germany fostered the idea of an Institute for Polymer Research starting in 1978, who was personally involved and which institutions participated in the deliberations until the senate of the MPG was able to decide on the foundation in Mainz with the date of 01.06.1983.

The complex deliberations with the University of Mainz are also addressed. They served to clarify the links between the Institute and the academic structures of the University. Furthermore, the considerations and activities leading to the installation of the first six directors are reported and documented.

The most important considerations leading to the definition of the scientific profile of the Institute and its organizational structure are documented as well. Specifically the role of the project-leaders and their determining role in the scientific performance of the Institute is documented.

Excerpts (in German)

The full text of the report is to be found here.
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