Md Noor A Alam

Arbeitskreis Synthese von Makromolekuelen
Max-Planck-Institut für Polymerforschung
+49 6131 379-483


Research interest:

Bio-functionalized nanodiamonds for sensing and therapy.


  • Wu, Y.*, Alam, M. N. A.*, Balasubramanian, P., Winterwerber, P., Ermakova, A., Müller, M., Wagner, M., Jelezko, F., Raabe, M., & Weil, T. (2021). Fluorescent Nanodiamond– Nanogels for Nanoscale Sensing and Photodynamic Applications. Advanced NanoBiomed Research, 1(7), 2000101.

  • Wu, Y.*, Alam, M. N. A.*, Balasubramanian, P., Ermakova, A., Fischer, S., Barth, H., Wagner, M., Raabe, M., Jelezko, F., Weil, T., & Weil, T. (2021). Nanodiamond Theranostic for Light- Controlled Intracellular Heating and Nanoscale Temperature Sensing. Nano Letters, 21(9), 3780-3788.

  • Wu, Y., Cao, S., Alam, M.N.A., Raabe, M., Michel-Souzy, S., Wang, Z., Wagner, M., Ermakova, A., Cornelissen, J.J.L.M., & Weil, T. (2021). Fluorescent Nanodiamonds Encapsulated by Cowpea Chlorotic Mottle Virus (CCMV) Proteins for Intracellular 3D-Trajectory Analysis. Journal of Materials Chemistry B.

  • Liu, W.*; Alam, M. N. A.*; Liu, Y.; Agafonov, V. N.; Qi, H.; Koynov, K.; Davydov, V. A.; Uzbekov, R.; Kaiser, U.; Lasser, T.; Jelezko, F.; Ermakova, A.; Weil, T. Silicon-Vacancy Nanodiamonds as High Performance Near-Infrared Emitters for Live-Cell Dual-Color Imaging and Thermometry. Nano Letters, 2022.
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