Lukas Hauer

Department of Physics at Interfaces
Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
+49 6131 379-725

Main Focus

My research focused on the exploration of interactions between substrates and liquids. Both constituents interact by exchange of mass, momentum, and energy. Particularly interesting are cases where the substrate is not inert but adapts in shape and composition to the liquid. Phase change phenomena (surface frosting, evaporation, dehydration) is another aspect of my research. I mainly utilize optical techniques such as confocal laser scanning microscopy, interferometry, white light microscopy, and high-speed recording. I am also interested in modeling observations from the lab theoretically. Therefore, I use mean-field approaches and numerical modeling.

[1] Hauer, L., Wong, W. S., Donadei, V., Hegner, K. I., Kondic, L., & Vollmer, D. (2021). How Frost Forms and Grows on Lubricated Micro-and Nanostructured Surfaces. ACS nano, 15(3), 4658-4668.

[2] Hauer, L., Wong, W. S., Sharifi-Aghili, A., Kondic, L., & Vollmer, D. (2021). Frost spreading and pattern formation on microstructured surfaces. Physical Review E, 104(4), 044901.

[3] Baumli, P., Hauer, L., Lorusso, E., Aghili, A. S., Hegner, K. I., D’Acunzi, M., ... & Vollmer, D. (2021). Linear shrinkage of hydrogel coatings exposed to flow: interplay between dissolution of water and advective transport. Soft Matter.

[4] Wong, W. S., Hauer, L., Naga, A., Kaltbeitzel, A., Baumli, P., Berger, R., ... & Butt, H. J. (2020). Adaptive wetting of polydimethylsiloxane. Langmuir, 36(26), 7236-7245.

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