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Petrozza, A.; Laquai, F.; Howard, I. A.; Kim, J. S.; Friend, R. H.: Dielectric switching of the nature of excited singlet state in a donor-acceptor-type polyfluorene copolymer. Physical Review B 81 (20), 205421 (2010)
Journal Article
Howard, I. A.; Laquai, F.; Keivanidis, P. E.; Friend, R. H.; Greenham, N. C.: Perylene Tetracarboxydiimide as an Electron Acceptor in Organic Solar Cells: A Study of Charge Generation and Recombination. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 (50), pp. 21225 - 21232 (2009)
Journal Article
Laquai, F.; Park, Y. S.; Kim, J. J.; Basche, T.: Excitation Energy Transfer in Organic Materials: From Fundamentals to Optoelectronic Devices. Macromolecular Rapid Communications 30 (14), pp. 1203 - 1231 (2009)
Journal Article
Li, J. Y.; Laquai, F.; Wegner, G.: Amplified spontaneous emission in optically pumped neat films of a polyfluorene derivative. Chemical Physics Letters 478 (1-3), pp. 37 - 41 (2009)
Journal Article
Laquai, F.; Mishra, A. K.; Müllen, K.; Friend, R. H.: Amplified Spontaneous Emission of Poly(ladder-type phenylene)s - The Influence of Photophysical Properties on ASE Thresholds. Advanced Functional Materials 18 (20), pp. 3265 - 3275 (2008)
Journal Article
Laquai, F.; Hertel, D.: Influence of hole transport units on the efficiency of polymer light emitting diodes. Applied Physics Letters 90 (14), 142109 (2007)
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Laquai, F.; Mishra, A. K.; Ribas, M. R.; Petrozza, A.; Jacob, J.; Akcelrud, L.; Müllen, K.; Friend, R. H.; Wegner, G.: Photophysical properties of a series of poly (ladder-type phenylene)s. Advanced Functional Materials 17 (16), pp. 3231 - 3240 (2007)
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Laquai, F.; Wegner, G.; Bässler, H.: What determines the mobility of charge carriers in conjugated polymers? Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series A: Mathematical and Physical Sciences 365 (1855), pp. 1473 - 1487 (2007)
Journal Article
El Hamaoui, B.; Laquai, F.; Baluschev, S.; Wu, J. S.; Müllen, K.: A phosphorescent hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene platinum complex and its time-resolved spectroscopy. Synthetic Metals 156 (18-20), pp. 1182 - 1186 (2006)
Journal Article
Kastler, M.; Laquai, F.; Müllen, K.; Wegner, G.: Room-temperature nondispersive hole transport in a discotic liquid crystal. Applied Physics Letters 89 (25), 252103 (2006)
Journal Article
Kastler, M.; Pisula, W.; Laquai, F.; Kumar, A.; Davies, R. J.; Baluschev, S.; Garcia-Gutierrez, M. C.; Wasserfallen, D.; Butt, H.-J.; Riekel, C. et al.; Wegner, G.; Müllen, K.: Organization of charge-carrier pathways for organic electronics. Advanced Materials 18 (17), pp. 2255 - 2259 (2006)
Journal Article
Laquai, F.; Wegner, G.; Im, C.; Bässler, H.; Heun, S.: Comparative study of hole transport in polyspirobifluorene polymers measured by the charge-generation layer time-of-flight technique. Journal of Applied Physics 99 (2), 023712 (2006)
Journal Article
Laquai, F.; Wegner, G.; Im, C.; Bässler, H.; Heun, S.: Nondispersive hole transport in carbazole- and anthracene-containing polyspirobifluorene copolymers studied by the charge-generation layer time-of-flight technique. Journal of Applied Physics 99 (3), 033710 (2006)
Journal Article
Laquai, F.; Keivanidis, P. E.; Baluschev, S.; Jacob, J.; Müllen, K.; Wegner, G.: Low-threshold amplified spontaneous emission in thin films of poly(tetraarylindenofluorene). Applied Physics Letters 87 (26), 261917 (2005)
Journal Article
Laquai, F.; Wegner, G.; Im, C.; Büsing, A.; Heun, S.: Efficient upconversion fluorescence in a blue-emitting spirobifluorene-anthracene copolymer doped with low concentrations of Pt(II)octaethylporphyrin. The Journal of Chemical Physics 123 (7), 074902 (2005)
Journal Article
Laquai, F.; Im, C.; Kadashchuk, A.; Bässler, H.: Sensitized intrinsic phosphorescence from a poly(phenylene-vinylene) derivative. Chemical Physics Letters 375 (3-4), pp. 286 - 291 (2003)

Book Chapter (3)

Book Chapter
Gerhard, M.; Gehrig, D.; Howard, I. A.; Arndt, A. P.; Bilal, M.; Rahimi-Iman, A.; Lemmer, U.; Laquai, F.; Koch, M.: Loss mechanisms in organic solar cells based on perylene diimide acceptors studied by time-resolved photoluminescence. In: Organic Photonics VII, 98950H (Eds. Cheyns, D.; Beaujuge, P. M.; van Elsbergen, V.; Ribierre, J. C.). SPIE, Bellingham, Washington (2016)
Book Chapter
Jin, Z.; Gehrig, D.; Dyer-Smith, C.; Heilweil, E. J.; Laquai, F.; Bonn, M.; Turchinovich, D.: Photovoltaic Polymer-Fullerene Blends: Terahertz Carrier Dynamics and Device Performance. In: 2015 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), SM3H.2. IEEE, New York, NY (2015)
Book Chapter
Gehrig, D.; Howard, I. A.; Kamm, V.; Dyer-Smith, C.; Etzold, F.; Laquai, F.: Charge generation in polymer: perylene diimide blends probed by Vis-NIR broadband transient absorption pump-probe spectroscopy. In: Physical Chemistry of Interfaces and Nanomaterials XII, UNSP 88111F (Eds. Banerji, N.; Silva, C.). SPIE-Int Soc Optical Engineering, Bellingham, WA (2013)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Laquai, F.: Electronic energy transfer processes and charge carrier transport in -conjugated polymers. Dissertation, Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz (2006)
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