Publications of F. Nolde

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Journal Article
Pschirer, N. G.; Kohl, C.; Nolde, F.; Qu, J. Q.; Müllen, K.: Pentarylene- and hexarylenebis(dicarboximide)s: Near-infrared-absorbing polyaromatic dyes. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition 45 (9), pp. 1401 - 1404 (2006)
Journal Article
Bell, T. D. M.; Jacob, J.; Angeles-Izquierdo, M.; Fron, E.; Nolde, F.; Hofkens, J.; Müllen, K.; De Schryver, F. C.: Charge transfer enhanced annihilation leading to deterministic single photon emission in rigid perylene end-capped polyphenylenes. Chemical Communications (39), pp. 4973 - 4975 (2005)
Journal Article
Hinze, G.; Haase, M.; Nolde, F.; Müllen, K.; Basche, T.: Time-resolved measurements of intramolecular energy transfer in single donor/acceptor dyads. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 109 (30), pp. 6725 - 6729 (2005)
Journal Article
Nolde, F.; Qu, J. Q.; Kohl, C.; Pschirer, N. G.; Reuther, E.; Müllen, K.: Synthesis and modification of terrylenediimides as high-performance fluorescent dyes. Chemistry – A European Journal 11 (13), pp. 3959 - 3967 (2005)
Journal Article
Hübner, C. G.; Ksenofontov, V.; Nolde, F.; Müllen, K.; Basche, T.: Three-dimensional orientational colocalization of individual donor-acceptor pairs. The Journal of Chemical Physics 120 (23), pp. 10867 - 10870 (2004)
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