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Journal Article
Ender, C. P.; Liang, J.; Friebel, J.; Zapata, T.; Wagner, M.; Ermakova, A.; Weil, T.: Mechanistic insights of seeded diamond growth from molecular precursors. Diamond and Related Materials 122, 108796 (2022)
Journal Article
Liang, J.; Ender, C. P.; Zapata, T.; Ermakova, A.; Wagner, M.; Weil, T.: Germanium iodide mediated synthesis of nanodiamonds from adamantane “seeds” under moderate high-pressure high-temperature conditions. Diamond and Related Materials 108, 108000 (2020)
Journal Article
Harvey, S.; Raabe, M.; Ermakova, A.; Wu, Y.; Zapata, T.; Chen, C.; Lu, H.; Jelezko, F.; Ng, D. Y. W.; Weil, T.: Transferrin‐Coated Nanodiamond–Drug Conjugates for Milliwatt Photothermal Applications. Advanced Therapeutics 2 (11), 1900067 (2019)

Patent (1)

Alkahtani, M. H. A.; Hemmer, P. R.; Jelezko, F.; Rampersaud, I. V.; Weil, T.; Zapata, T.: SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR LOW PRESSURE DIAMOND GROWTH WITHOUT PLASMA, INCLUDING SEEDING GROWTH. (2020)
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