Research Data Management

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Research Data Management - central services of the Max Planck Digital Library

  • Date: Jun 25, 2018
  • Time: 14:00 - 16:00
  • Speaker: Una Sokcevic, Sandra Vengadasalam, Michael Franke (Max Planck Digital Library)
  • Location: MPI für Polymerforschung, Mainz
  • Room: Hermann Staudinger Lecture Hall
  • Host: MPI-P

Una Sokcevic, Sandra Vengadasalam and Michael Franke of the Max Planck Digital Library will introduce some of the central services of the Max Planck Society focusing on research data management.

Managing research data is becoming more and more important. This applies to all sorts of data and their complete life time cycle. What was , before, manually written into notebooks is nowadays entered into databases and other digital resources (e.g. electronic laboratory notebooks). The amount of data increases and with it the demand for new standards of long-term archiving that offer possibilites to store data in a clearly presented, citable and reusable way. These are also mandatory criteria for projects funded by the European Council or the European Commission.

The Max Planck Digital Library offers advice and support in research data management with a variety of tools and services:

· Keeper - Self Service Archiving

· labfolder - Electronic laboratory notebook

· Edmond – The Open Access Data repository of the MPG

· gluons - Your playground for research data enrichment, structuring and sharing

· LabCam App - Transfer your research data like photos or videos with various metadata from android devices to an image repository

· collective - Your personal scientific collaboration and communication platform

· DOI Service - Make your content citable

· iThenticate - Prevent plagiarism in your work

· sciflow – Max Planck Authoring Platform

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