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    Journal Article
    Baumli, P.; Teisala, H.; Bauer, H.; Garcia Gonzalez, D.; Damle, V. G.; Geyer, F. L.; D'Acunzi, M.; Kaltbeitzel, A.; Butt, H.-J.; Vollmer, D.: Flow-Induced Long-Term Stable Slippery Surfaces. Advanced Science 6 (11) (2019)
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    Journal Article
    Geyer, F.; D'Acunzi, M.; Yang, C.-Y.; Mueller, M.; Baumli, P.; Kaltbeitzel, A.; Mailänder, V.; Encinas Garcia, N.; Vollmer, D.; Butt, H. J.: How to Coat the Inside of Narrow and Long Tubes with a Super-Liquid-Repellent Layer-A Promising Candidate for Antibacterial Catheters. Advanced Materials 31 (2), 1801324 (2019)
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    Journal Article
    Guo, Y. L.; Zhang, C. A.; Lai, C.; Priestley, R. D.; D'Acunzi, M.; Fytas, G.: Structural Relaxation of Polymer Nanospheres under Soft and Hard Confinement: Isobaric versus Isochoric Conditions. ACS Nano 5 (7), pp. 5365 - 5373 (2011)
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    Journal Article
    D'Acunzi, M.; Mammen, L.; Singh, M.; Deng, X.; Roth, M.; Auernhammer, G. K.; Butt, H.-J.; Vollmer, D.: Superhydrophobic surfaces by hybrid raspberry-like particles. Faraday Discussions 146, pp. 35 - 48 (2010)
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    Journal Article
    Roth, M.; D'Acunzi, M.; Vollmer, D.; Auernhammer, G. K.: Viscoelastic rheology of colloid-liquid crystal composites. Journal of Chemical Physics 132 (12), 124702 (2010)
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    Journal Article
    Zhang, L. J.; D'Acunzi, M.; Kappl, M.; Imhof, A.; van Blaaderen, A.; Butt, H.-J.; Graf, R.; Vollmer, D.: Tuning the mechanical properties of silica microcapsules. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 (47), pp. 15392 - 15398 (2010)
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    Journal Article
    Kaune, G.; Memesa, M.; Meier, R.; Ruderer, M. A.; Diethert, A.; Roth, S. V.; D'Acunzi, M.; Gutmann, J. S.; Müller-Buschbaum, P.: Hierarchically Structured Titania Films Prepared by Polymer/Colloidal Templating. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 1 (12), pp. 2862 - 2869 (2009)
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    Journal Article
    Still, T.; D'Acunzi, M.; Vollmer, D.; Fytas, G.: Mesospheres in nano-armor: Probing the shape-persistence of molten polymer colloids. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 340 (1), pp. 42 - 45 (2009)
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    Journal Article
    Zhang, L.; D'Acunzi, M.; Kappl, M.; Auernhammer, G. K.; Vollmer, D.; van Kats, C. M.; van Blaaderen, A.: Hollow Silica Spheres: Synthesis and Mechanical Properties. Langmuir 25 (5), pp. 2711 - 2717 (2009)

Thesis - PhD (1)

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    Thesis - PhD
    D'Acunzi, M.: Core-shell particles and their application for superhydrophobic surfaces. Dissertation, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz (2010)
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