Publications of L. F. Boesel

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Journal Article
Cui, J. X.; Drotlef, D. M.; Larraza, I.; Fernandez-Blazquez, J. P.; Boesel, L. F.; Ohm, C.; Mezger, M.; Zentel, R.; del Campo, A.: Bioinspired Actuated Adhesive Patterns of Liquid Crystalline Elastomers. Advanced Materials 24 (34), pp. 4601 - 4604 (2012)
Journal Article
Luz, G. M.; Boesel, L.; del Campo, A.; Mano, J. F.: Micropatterning of Bioactive Glass Nanoparticles on Chitosan Membranes for Spatial Controlled Biomineralization. Langmuir 28 (17), pp. 6970 - 6977 (2012)
Journal Article
Boesel, L. F.; Greiner, C.; Arzt, E.; del Campo, A.: Gecko-Inspired Surfaces: A Path to Strong and Reversible Dry Adhesives. Advanced Materials 22 (19), pp. 2125 - 2137 (2010)
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