Publikationen von F. Benmouna

Zeitschriftenartikel (23)

Benmouna, F.; Maschke, U.; Leclercq, L.; Ewen, B.; Coqueret, X.; Benmouna, M.: On the Miscibility of Crosslinked Networks and Solvents with and without Nematic Order. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology Section A-Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals 330, S. 465 - 473 (1999)
Benmouna, F.; Peng, B.; Rühe, J.; Johannsmann, D.: Phase diagrams of phenyl benzoate side group liquid crystal polymers and similar low molecular mass liquid crystals. Liquid Crystals 26, S. 1655 - 1661 (1999)
Maschke, U.; Benmouna, F.; Roussel, F.; Daoudi, A.; Gyselinck, F.; Buisine, J. M.; Coqueret, X.; Benmouna, M.: Phase behavior of cured and uncured propoxylated glyceroltriacrylate/8CB mixtures. Macromolecules 32 (26), S. 8866 - 8871 (1999)
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