PhD position / Doktorandenstelle: The molecular scale of switchable wetting / Die molekulare Ebene schaltbarer Benetzung

PhD position / Doktorandenstelle


Stellenangebot vom 31. März 2020

Wetting phenomena are omnipresent in for example dishwashing, printing, rain drops on a window or liquid transport through pores. Different applications prefer different wetting properties. Intermolecular interfacial interactions co-determine macroscopic wetting properties, yet insights into wetting at the molecular level have been lacking. In this project we will use photoswitchable surfaces to switch the wetting properties and follow the molecules response of water in real-time. The structure of water and the organic coating at the interface will be thus investigated before, during, and after photoswitching using sum frequency generation (SFG) spectroscopy. Due to its selection rules, SFG probes specifically the interfacial layers and does not see the bulk water. In this project we aim to obtain unprecedented insights into wetting phenomena at a molecular level.

We are looking for a chemist or physicist with some spectroscopy experience.


Prof. Dr. Ellen Backus

Group Leader
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