PhD position (m/f/d): Bio-Inspired Polymeric Vesicular Systems

Job Code: PHD2020-1

Job Offer from May 05, 2020

About the group:

Our focus in the Synthetic Vesicular Systems Research Group is the engineering of polymeric vesicles and bio-inspired amphiphilic copolymers to be used in biomimetic applications (artificial organelles), synthetic chemistry in soft compartments (nano- and micro-reactors) and smart delivery systems for drugs and other molecules. We tackle challenges from a bottom-up perspective, and create solutions by combining elements from synthetic polymer chemistry (functional amphiphilic copolymers), biochemistry (enzymes, proteins) and materials science (nanocarriers and nanoparticles). As part of the Department of Physical Chemistry of Polymers led by Prof. Katharina Landfester at MPIP (, our group enjoys access to state-of-the-art facilities, and an exciting interdisciplinary and international community.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • An academic degree (MSc or equivalent) in Chemistry, Polymer Science, Materials Science or related fields.
  • Background in synthetic polymer chemistry or organic synthesis.
  • Good theoretical and practical understanding of basic structural characterization methods for small and macromolecules (NMR, mass spectrometry, IR, GPC).
  • Preferably good understanding of fundamental concepts in biochemistry (e.g. enzymes, proteins, cell-membranes) and colloidal chemistry (association colloids).
  • Experience writing scientific papers and presenting data using high quality graphs and schemes.
  • Proficiency in English (verbal and written).
  • Good communication and organizational skills.

Your job will involve:

  • Design, synthesis and characterization of novel bio-inspired amphiphilic copolymers.
  • Fabrication and characterization of polymeric vesicles and micelles.
  • Encapsulation of active agents (biomolecules, drugs and nanomaterials) into vesicles.
  • Systematic study of the performance of the compartmentalized systems and optimization.
  • Present your research in meetings/conferences and publish your results in peer reviewed journals.

How to apply:

Send your cover letter, research summary and CV (including the contact information of 2 references) via e-mail to as a single PDF file. Please have the job code “PHD2020-1” written in the subject line of your email. Applications for this position will be received until July 31st

The Max Planck Society is committed to increasing the participation of qualified personnel with disabilities and welcomes applications from such individuals. The Max Planck Society is also a proponent for gender equality and encourages applications from all backgrounds.

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