PhD / Postdoctoral project: Exploring topological properties of polymers in complex phases with mesoscopic models

Job Offer from July 21, 2022

A PhD or a junior postdoc research position is available at the Theory Department of the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz in close collaboration with the Johannes Gutenberg University. The position is within the framework of Collaborative Research Centre Transregio (TRR) 146: Multiscale Simulation Methods for Soft Matter Systems.

The project focuses on investigating topological properties of macromolecules in complex environments, such as liquid-crystalline mesophases and chiral structures. The person involved in this project will be exposed to mesoscopic modeling techniques including drastically coarse-grained particle-based simulations and field-theoretical approaches. Close interactions with project partners, who are using Molecular Dynamics simulations with standard microscopic models, are foreseen.

We invite applications from highly qualified and motivated individuals with a degree in physics, materials science, chemistry or chemical engineering. Strong background in statistical mechanics and interest in theoretical work are important, as well as good written and oral communication skills in English. Programming skills within UNIX / LINUX environment are required. Experience with molecular simulation methods is an asset. Candidates should send their application containing a cover letter, CV, and the email addresses of at least two references to Dr. Kostas Daoulas [] and Dr. Peter Virnau [].

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