Huan Hoang Dang

Arbeitskreis Physikalische Chemie der Polymere
Max-Planck-Institut für Polymerforschung
+49 6131 379-582


Conjugated nanoparticle photocatalysts (CNP) are promising candidates to overcome the disadvantages of classical homogeneous photocatalytic systems such as toxicity of metals, high cost and stability problems due to the facile tunability of chemical structure, the control of light absorption and optical band gap.

Inspired by natural biology, the combination of photocatalysis and bio-catalysis, where enzymes are utilized to produce highly selective products under mild conditions and photocatalyst are employed to regenerate cofactors in a cascade fashion, provides a remarkable opportunity to achieve high catalytic activities and entirely eco-friendly processes


Huan Hoang Dang obtained his Bachelor and then Master Engineering of Polymeric Materials in November 2023 from the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, Vietnam National University (HCMUT-VNU). He was a researcher assistant at National Key Lab of Polymer and Composite Materials since 2021, focusing on the synthesis and fabrication of smart materials (self-healing and shape-memory polymers) based on reversible interaction. In January 2024, he started his PhD at Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (MPI-P) in Germany under supervision of Prof. Katharina Landfester, working on conjugated polymer-based nanoparticle as a new generation of heterogeneous photocatalysts to activate the biocatalytic transformation using solar energy, especially visible light.

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