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Kása, E.; Szabados, M.; Baán, K.; Kónya, Z.; Kukovecz, Á.; Kutus, B.; Pálinkó, I.; Sipos, P.: The dissolution kinetics of raw and mechanochemically treated kaolinites in industrial spent liquor - The effect of the physico-chemical properties of the solids. Applied Clay Science 203, 105994 (2021)
Kutus, B.; Shalit, A.; Hamm, P.; Hunger, J.: Dielectric response of light, heavy and heavy-oxygen water: isotope effects on the hydrogen-bonding network's collective relaxation dynamics. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 23 (9), S. 5467 - 5473 (2021)
Yao, Y.; Catalini, S.; Kutus, B.; Hunger, J.; Foggi, P.; Mezzenga, R.: Probing Water State during Lipidic Mesophases Phase Transitions. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition in English (2021)
Buckó, Á.; Kása, Z.; Szabados, M.; Kutus, B.; Berkesi, O.; Kónya, Z.; Kukovecz, Á.; Sipos, P.; Pálinkó, I.: The structure and thermal properties of solid ternary compounds forming with Ca2+, Al3+ and heptagluconate ions. Molecules 25 (20), 4715 (2020)
Kutus, B.; Gaona, X.; Pallagi, A.; Pálinkó, I.; Altmaier, M.; Sipos, P. M.: Recent advances in the aqueous chemistry of the calcium(II)-gluconate system – Equilibria, structure and composition of the complexes forming in neutral and in alkaline solutions. Coordination Chemistry Reviews 417, 213337 (2020)
Buckó, Á.; Kutus, B.; Peintler, G.; Kele, Z.; Pálinkó, I.; Sipos, P.: Stability and structural aspects of complexes forming between aluminum(III) and D-heptagluconate in acidic to strongly alkaline media: An unexpected diversity. Journal of Molecular Liquids 314, 113645 (2020)
Kutus, B.; Dudás, C.; Friesen, S.; Peintler, G.; Pálinkó, I.; Sipos, P.; Buchner, R.: Equilibria and Dynamics of Sodium Citrate Aqueous Solutions: The Hydration of Citrate and Formation of the Na3Cit0 Ion Aggregate. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 124 (43), S. 9604 - 9614 (2020)
Kutus, B.; Zhu, J.; Luo, J.; Wang, Q.; Lupan, A.; Attia, A. A. A.; Wang, D.; Hunger, J.: Enhancement of Ion Pairing of Sr(II) and Ba(II) Salts by a Tritopic Ion-Pair Receptor in Solution. ChemPhysChem 21 (2020)
Kutus, B.; Dudás, C.; Orbán, E.; Lupan, A.; Attia, A. A. A.; Pálinkó, I.; Sipos, P. M.; Peintler, G.: Magnesium(II) d -Gluconate Complexes Relevant to Radioactive Waste Disposals: Metal-Ion-Induced Ligand Deprotonation or Ligand-Promoted Metal-Ion Hydrolysis? Inorganic Chemistry 58 (10), S. 6832 - 6844 (2019)
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